No access to Hotmail A/c

We are having trouble accessing Hotmail a/c.....we are receiving a message that maintenance working is being has been like this for three days....anyone have any ideas or help that would be greatly appreciated.

geek_fran212, Jan 2, 12:44 pm

try the same account on a different pc

i'm not having any issue at the moment.........of course your details could be on a totally different server.........

geek_drcspy, Jan 2, 12:48 pm

I'm not having any issue either i have account

geek_granthardy, Jan 2, 1:03 pm

try and contact hotmail

geek_granthardy, Jan 2, 1:06 pm

at least that way you'll identify if the problem is on your computer or at hotmail

geek_drcspy, Jan 2, 1:09 pm

Click here:

Try logging in. Do you still get the maintenance message?

Someone had the same problem a few weeks/months back; resolved itself after a while. I'm pretty sure it was a problem with their ISP; DNS or some other issue.

geek_lostdude, Jan 2, 1:16 pm

good thinking

geek_drcspy, Jan 2, 1:19 pm

All good here, slingshot.

geek_rz_zone, Jan 2, 1:25 pm