Performance Laptop but not gaming.

studentkyle, Jan 4, 12:01am
I type this on a laptop (Dell Inspiron 1100) purchased 7 years ago. It has served me well. But having not been watching the trends in technology i dont know what to get now. My prior laptop was a toshiba and i particularily like the dedicated number pad these have so Im leaning in this direction but im also told that Asus are a pretty good brand. So here i am stuck for ideas going forward. What are AMD like compared to the Intel I5? Of the Dell/toshiba/Asus what are your recommendations? Should i consider anything extra for cooling purposes? (This thing overheats regularily and shuts down...despite being pulled apart twice a year and cleaned out). And the big question am i being stupid looking at laptops just for convenience around the home? (I can flash drive stuff between here and work if need be) (Feel free to say yes to this last question)

vtecintegra, Jan 4, 12:10am
Depends on what you mean by 'performance'.What do you actually want to run fast?Bear in mind even an entry level laptop is going to eat your old Dell alive in the performance stakes.

If you do anything really heavy duty yes a desktop is going to give you more performance for less money but to be honest it doesn't sound like you need to go there.IMO thing like screen resolution, keyboard comfort and connectivity are much more important than what CPU setup you're using.

Personally if I wanted a fast laptop I'd pick the entry level Dell XPS 15 and specify the 1080p display - pretty good value for money.No numeric keypad but that does mean there is more room for the other keys.

demonknight, Jan 4, 12:56am
Some models of Dell are excellent bang for buck as far as specs and performance goes. But I have never been impressed with their keyboards.

vtecintegra, Jan 4, 1:01am
Keyboards aren't an Asus or Toshiba strong point either.HP and Acer (at least their non-budget lines) both do good keyboards but you may want to avoid them for other reasons (like reliability).

Lenovo do great keyboards too, but they're not so common here.

studentkyle, Jan 4, 1:01am
Thanks vtecintegra. I use VBA and lots of excel formulas in any given worksheet. Convert videos to different formats, editing videos etc. Can have multiple different programs on the go which this computer hates. But as you said anything is going to be better than this.
I suppose at the end of the day im just looking to have something reliable for the next 5 or so years and for that maybe im being too cheap...maybe this thing will break when we move. I also dont wont to be stuck with an heater which this became quite early on in the piece.

Oh and i didnt mention my budget $1400 tops and that would be maxing me out. The XPS does look sleek though.

vtecintegra, Jan 4, 1:04am
Well that budget does change things - its not quite enough to get anything with a decent screen unfortunately.

Seriously 1366x768 is just painful on a 15" screen

demonknight, Jan 4, 1:08am
You didn't specify whether you wanted to buy new, some good deals to be had on used laptops. But you have to be careful. Ultimately if it's destined to stay at home a desktop will serve you better. It generally won't run as hot and will be much more comfortable to use.

studentkyle, Jan 4, 1:17am
Anything has got to be better than this 11.2" screen

chillyxpress, Jan 4, 1:29am
Dell Inspiron 15R! ^^

vtecintegra, Jan 4, 1:36am
The 1100 had a 14" or 15" 1024x768 screen - really 1366x768 isn't much of an improvement

studentkyle, Jan 4, 1:50am
Even if i got from side to side of the whole top top (screen plus edges) its 12.8"

demonknight, Jan 4, 2:13am
Get a desktop!

pkm66, Jan 4, 2:24am
5 or so years requirement = desktop instead or very lucky laptop.

vtecintegra, Jan 4, 2:29am
Its measured diagonally :)

studentkyle, Jan 4, 3:15am
Lol what a dumbarse...its a 15" Ive seen the diagrams but never even thought about it.

studentkyle, Jan 4, 6:49am
Ok if i go the laptop way can someone help comapre these models.

Dells...Inspiron 15R vs 17R both have intel Core i5-460M. Do I want more or less Revs/min for the HDD? (7200RPM and a 5400RPM) and a half mini wireless network card and a regular? and an intel graphics card and a radeon hd 5470-1gb? Are these differences worth the extra $75?
The Dell M501R has AMD Athlon?

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