how do I setup my printer to wireless?please

lisb, May 27, 4:29am
How do I setup my printer to wireless?please I have a apple imac computer and an hp c7200 printer.what settings do I need to set them on to printer on wireless/bluetooth which ever it is.a friend had it going but he changed something and didn't change it back and now it won't work lol.any help would be great thanks

sighkick, May 27, 5:47am
The printer has to have something To actually receive what it needs to print over wireless, so will need a Wifi / USB adapter. I am not familiar with this particular printer but I do know that expensive Office printers do come with pre-installed network card for hard wired connection to the network. Are there are printers with Wireless Networks pre-installed? Perhaps in the more expensive printers designed for business use.

_whatever, May 27, 5:51am
That printer has built in wireless and ethernet connections. Do you have a manual?

lisb, May 27, 8:01am
_whatever yes I have the manual it's only 2 weeks old,its says I need the (network name)SSLD,what is this where do I find out what it is???Thanks

dairydan, May 27, 8:23am
Just grip it between your legs and gives the cable a firm tug. (sorry couldn't resist)

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