What does this mean - Acer ePower Management DMC h

elsielaurie1, Jan 5, 8:09pm
Acer ePower Mnagement has stopped working.
How do I get it working again.
All these windows from Microsoft Windows
keep blocking my screen....help!!!!

elsielaurie1, Jan 6, 12:12am
One of the messages reads as follows - the ordinal 5070 could not be located in the dynamic link library (preceded by a red cirlce with a white cross). The other one reads - Acer ePower Management DMC has stopped working. I click 'close program' and once again the same messages keep popping up. I have checked my avast anit-virus state and everything looks as it should be.......

r.g.nixon, Jan 6, 12:15am
Could be a problem with Avast. Someone with Avast had "ordinal 5070 could not be located in the dynamic link library" four days ago.
Uninstall it. Reinstall it, or try something else (Panda Cloud or MSE).

elsielaurie1, Jan 6, 2:42am
Hey that sounds interesting as I had just upgraded avast yesterday morning and I've been having this problem ever since!! Ummmm - where do I go to to 'uninstall'? Systems? or something else....

r.g.nixon, Jan 6, 4:38am
Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs

elsielaurie1, Jan 9, 12:59am
Thanks r.g.nixon...tried that but didn't work!!!As I don't use the pre-loaded Acer thingys on my Acer computer, would it be safe to unistall them without interferring with my own programs?

guest, Jan 10, 2:05am
Since I updated and scanned with Avast my computer is doing what elsielaurie1 says hers is doing. Any other suggestions?

anita, Jan 13, 6:11pm
I downloaded a free version of Avast antivirus. While downloading it suggested that I also download Google Chrome. I refused. When I dowloaded new Avast and installed it, it asked to restart the commputer. After restart I keep receiving popup mesaage eePower_DMC.exe application error ordinal not found. It pops up one after another.

May this be the case, that if I refused to download Google Chrome, Avast does not work properly?

jacqui, Jan 19, 12:55pm
I had these same problems. I uninstalled Avast antivirus and as of tonight i know longer have 30-40 windows popping up with error messages and Acer Epower and Enet thingy all working again.

geek_marieka, Jan 23, 6:55pm
Thank you this was driving me nuts! I had installed Avast antivirus and had the same problem. Uninstalled it just now and no futher problems.

guest, Jan 27, 9:36am
It is Avast. Just uninstall it, even while the problems are on the screen. The system will restart after the uninstall. Mike South Africa

guest, Oct 30, 3:26pm
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