Naked ADSL using skype

merrigj, Jan 6, 12:32am
I am moving to the North Shore at the end of the month and want to set up naked ADSL and get a Skype phone number and ditch the land line.We have iphones so when home they will ring or we can use the computer.Is this a good idea or will it be unreliable.Also what would be a good provider.We live in Melbourne and get 200GB for $90 a month and consistantly get 3 megabit speeds so hoping to get similar.Thanks for any advice.

drcspy, Jan 6, 12:44am
why ask a kiwi message board who's gonna be a good provider in melbourne ?

floydbloke, Jan 6, 12:45am
Um, becasue the OP is moving to the North Shore.

merrigj, Jan 6, 12:50am
We will be living in Mairangi Bay.I have had a look around and top of the list is slingshots broadband only 25gb for 82 a month and that gives you an off peak time unmetered downloading and you can buy extra bundles.

apu04, Jan 6, 1:47am
Have a look at XNET Fusion. It's about $70/mth plus $1/Gb and includes a phone line w/caller and voice mail.

merrigj, Jan 6, 2:29am
Would that be more reliable than skype having a voip connection.I am very weary of paying for internet on a per GB basis as those GB's can get away on you.

vtecintegra, Jan 6, 2:30am
Par for the course for NZ I'm afraid - your options are being throttled if you go over whatever cap your plan provides, or paying extra for extra usage.

A throttled connection will almost certainly make Skype unworkeable

craigsmith, Jan 6, 4:57am
Be very wary of Naked DSL, have a good read of the rants and complaints on the Slingshot forum

I personally have avoided it over the years.

The high end regular Slingshot account is NZ$92/month for 40 GB + free offpeak (2 - 8 am). The latter is almost useless because it gets shaped all to hell to control the freetards, but they do cache some things including torrents and game content, and in theory Skype etc should always work okay. That plan includes regular phone line with free caller ID and assorted other features the likes of Telecom would bend you over to get extra charges. Extra data is cheapest at $50 for 50 GB which is valid for a year.

Estimate your Skype usage and data you'll require. Slingshot call rates are fairly reasonable, w.r.t. NZ calls I don't think there's any real difference in pricing, especially if you put a price on the Skype data usage.

That's about as good as you get in NZ. Slingshot's service is rubbish and getting set-up takes forever - maybe ask on the Slingshot forum re the area you'll be - do it well in advance if you can. But once up and running it's acceptable enough. Speed depends entirely on proximity to exchange and wiring quality in the house, it's ADSL2 and you get what you get.

apu04, Jan 6, 5:14am
I have been using XNET for a couple of years in 2 different houses and haven't had any real problems. You are a bit limited with the recommended hardware that you can use. You can set your own data cap limit and you will be throttled back if you go over, but you easily increase/decrease your limit if you need to. You can take your existing phone number with you too. And you can still use Skype.

merrigj, Jan 6, 6:06am
Thanks for the info.Will rethink the slingshot thing.Was hoping to use the 25gb for skype and emails then do some downloading overnight during the free time but it shounds like that is slow.I am just sick of our home line as we never use it and it mostly is wrong answers or scammers who call us.

chevyxman, Jan 6, 6:22am
Have you enquired about Vodafone naked dsl? They have some big packages, and if you are on a mobile plan with them (assuming your iPhone will be with them) you will get a further discount on naked dsl

badcam, Jan 6, 12:04pm
I've got a weird combo of Xnet Fusion less the Xnet Voip and Slingshot iTalk. Xnet couldn't provide me with Voip at the time, so kindly enough gave me the Naked DSL only ($11 less off the usual price). So, I get to deal with both for Customer service. I get charged for the slingshot Voip data, by Xnet, but that's hardly anything.

The iTalk service has been fantastic and Xnet's data has always been good. Their system sometimes gets congested due to new customers (maybe lack of cashflow??) but that soon resolves itself. Xnet's customer service is always good and I find them to be pretty honest about what's going on with their network.

I'd recommend Xnet Fusion - but you will probably have to buy the hardware. There's no termination period either, so you can quit any time. You'll just have to learn to moderate your internet usage. They do have a torrent plan still, I believe, which does give you free data periods,but I've never used it.

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