Hosting, domain name registration

geek_blink182_tkom, Jan 6, 9:29 pm
am wanting a new hosting company and to register a few domain names, can anyone recommend someone?

geek_malachiman, Jan 6, 10:07 pm
Hosting Direct, good price, good service, amazing uptime. NZ based servers. I have several domains with them now.

geek_lostdude, Jan 6, 11:40 pm
I wouldn't say good service but concur on price and uptime.

geek_becka2, Jan 7, 12:04 am

run by a NZ'er from Gpforums ;)

geek_malachiman, Jan 7, 12:17 am
Maybe. but my comments are based on my experience.

geek_newbie5, Jan 7, 12:21 am
register your domains with namecheap and host with Hostgator
I have had no problems

geek_lostdude, Jan 7, 12:42 am
Mine too :)

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