Toshiba power adapter

potskrub, Jan 7, 10:22pm
My power adapter for my Toshiba Sat Pro L300 is buggered but have one from an old Toshiba and wondered if anyone knew if its ok to use. The buggered one is a 19v 3.95a and the old one I would like to use is a 19v 2.40a. I know the volts should be the same but not sure how the amps affect it. Thanks

r.g.nixon, Jan 7, 10:30pm
Volts should be within 5%, but I've gone past 10% with some devices. Amps should be equal or higher. 2.4A won't be enough.

gorbulas, Jan 7, 11:12pm
Agree, not enough Amps, it will overheat or shut itself down. Or if it does work, it'll pull the terminal voltage down below 19V

simonfphotos, Jan 8, 12:07am
Suggest you go to they sell generic power adapters which will be lots cheaper than a genuine Toshiba one.

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