Thunderbird - AGAIN

neillo1, Jan 9, 12:00am
Been away for a couple of weeks. Switched off computer before I went so emails wouldn't pop into Thunderbird & I could access off xtra Yahoo while away. Got back & basically thunderbird had disappeared. Have reinstalled it but have lost all old folders of sent items, saved items , sub folders etc. Have still got addresses.

Is there any easy way to get old folders back or just some way to go back to what I had before I went away? Really don't know why thunderbird is so complex. Works good but can be difficult to set up & manage.


ferita, Jan 9, 12:11am
It shouldnt have just dissapeared (unless someone has been using your PC while you are away).

I dont know much about thunderbird but could re-installing it have deleted the existing files and folders? You should not have re-installed it without looking for the folders and files to see if they still existed. It may have just been the desktop shortcut that was missing.

neillo1, Jan 9, 2:37am
Can't believe how difficult all this is. Going to Mozilla site to try to get help & there's lots of talk about profiles etc but no really easy fix. Computers are crap sometimes. You wouldn't put up with all this trying to start your car in the morning.

vtecintegra, Jan 9, 2:51am
As per post #2 something weird is going on.

You'll have to figure out what has happened before you can attempt to fix it

neillo1, Jan 9, 3:57am
I'm pretty sure it's something to do with the profile but just can't work out how to retreive everything.

pheonix, Jan 9, 4:21am
Something to try , get Mozbackup and start a backup. See if you can see more than one profile. If so , you can backup the old one and restore it to the new profile.
just a thought.

neillo1, Jan 9, 7:44am
Thanks for that - managed to do all that but still no joy.

carrot3, Jan 9, 8:15am
I had an issue a while back. I opened thunderbird one morning and all my saved e-mails were just gone. poof! it was weird as frik.

thunderstorm, Jan 9, 8:25pm
and what did you do to rectify the issue?

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