Mac pc trying to use a XP pro printer

olack, May 27, 8:16am
Mac pc trying to use a XP pro printer File and Printer sharing is enabled and the printer works ok. i notice if I try to allow Network Workplaces and Mshome as exceptions Avast does nothing to allow them. Port USB0002 is setup ok.

dunedin_ree, May 27, 8:20am
Eh? Do you mean that you're trying to use a Mac to print to a printer attached to an XP computer?

olack, May 27, 8:21am
Yes ...

dunedin_ree, May 27, 8:22am
And the mac is 10.4? 10.5? You've gone to add printer - windows, can you see the network name/computer? Come on, 'lil help here ...

olack, May 27, 8:22am
Mac has appropriate drivers installed ..

olack, May 27, 8:24am
Can see the Mac in XP, latest Mac...updated, 64 Bit XP pro.

dunedin_ree, May 27, 8:25am
Olack you spend enough time here to know what kind of info people need to help you in this case I asked for the Mac OS version and the steps you've taken on the mac to try and print.

olack, May 27, 8:29am
The Mac is not mine, I bought the good second hand printer, will get Mac version info, but it is the very latest, boarder is setting up to use the printer with his laptop Mac. Mac uses internet through the same router....alright alright I'm going I'm going....gee...

olack, May 27, 8:31am
'tis a leopard 10.5.2sir...

dunedin_ree, May 27, 8:32am
*rollseyes* If it's 10.5, you need to ADD the printer. If it's shared go to Print - Add Printer - Windows - click workgroup name - then printer, which you should be able to see if it's shared and on the same network.

dunedin_ree, May 27, 8:32am
And it's ma'am thank you very much ;)

olack, May 27, 8:33am
Yes sir...I mean Maam...

olack, May 27, 8:35am
..waiting til nice boarder has finished his supper ma'am.

olack, May 27, 8:42am
Yes well...he is adamant it is my pc that is..blocking. I think he knows what he is doing with the Mac but he has not used a Windows PC before. I notice when I try to open apps sometimes there is a RUN AS ption avaible...I wondered if that would be a block somehow. I UNRAN AS all the printer apps...just waiting upon sir now...

dunedin_ree, May 27, 8:51am
*shrug* Works for me. The printer is shared in XP, have sophos AV and windows firewall. Browsed for and found the printer on the Mac and then printed to it.

olack, May 27, 9:20am
His Mac can see the router he opens the Mac Windows but sees no Windows printer. I opened the whole Firewall and still he can not see my PC or printer. I can see his PC. Some sort of firewall security restriction on my PC I have been thinking. Sometimes I open an app and could use the right click menu to Run As the app. File and Printer Sharing is enabled. Pro seems to have something like Vista has, wehn you want to run an app it asks do you want to...the Run As bit.

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