Connected with Limited Access

tahnasha, Jan 10, 5:14am
The laptop was fine last night.Now today it won't connect to the internet.All the other wireless devices in the house are working fine.I looked to see if it was connected, and it says Connected with Limited Access.

I have turned the router off and back on numerous times to see if it connect, I have restarted the computer, still no joy?

Anyone know what's going on here?

nicky21, Jan 10, 5:29am
You haven't said what OS so I will assume Windows XP or greater. Start, Run, type CMD and press OK. Should be presented with a black command window.

ipconfig /release ENTER
ipconfig /renew ENTER
ipconfig /all ENTER

What IP address have you got on your wireless adaptor? If you are set to DHCP depending on the address you will know if you are getting a lease or not.

nicky21, Jan 10, 5:31am
Because your other devices are connecting OK you must assume that the issue is on the local PC but if you have changed something on the router just before the issue started occurring this could also be the cause of the problem.

If you are getting a valid IP address step 2 will be to ping the router and then an external address but let us know what IP address you get from ipconfig and can go from there.

tahnasha, Jan 10, 5:42am
OK, thanks will try that.Sorry will have to have a look what OP it is, it's my husbands.

I have the laptop to my 14yr son last night to use, he reckons he was online with it, but this morning it didn't work.Same thing happened when we took it to a camping ground, kept saying Connected with Limited Access but wasn't connecting at all

tahnasha, Jan 10, 5:43am
Do I type the word start?Sorry I'm a Mac user, might wait till hubby gets home

nicky21, Jan 10, 6:43am
My advice is completely unhelpful then. Good reason to state the OS to begin with. The theory is still the same, find out if you are set to DHCP, see if you are getting a lease and go from there. Should be able to do it all in Network in System Preferences. Think it is the network utility in which you can ping from a gui rather than needing to delve into the terminal

tahnasha, Jan 10, 7:18am
Oh sori, it's a PC, but wasn't sure what you were talking about, cos I use a Mac.Will sort it out thanks.

richms, Jan 10, 8:03am
Check you are connected to your network, if your son took it out of range of yours it may have popped up asking to connect to another one which he tried to do, and its now sitting on that one with an incorrect password.

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