Printer question??

norja, Jan 10, 10:29pm
my printer has suddenly just started printing one line every few this something i can fix or is it stuffed?

-mung-, Jan 10, 10:35pm
It has garbage in memory. Switch it off, clear print queue in the operating system, start again.

norja, Jan 11, 9:27pm
Tried that - didnt work.any other ideas?

richard112, Jan 11, 9:37pm
Uninstall, run ccleaner & reinstall. No idea if it will work, but that's what I would try.

norja, Jan 12, 2:24am
thanks for that but what is a cc cleaner?

r.g.nixon, Jan 12, 2:34am
CCleaner (not cc cleaner, that will lead to malware).
It has an option to 'clean out' obsolete registry entries.
Get it from

-mung-, Jan 12, 2:46am
Yeah I dunno either... Only thing I'd say is really make sure the print queue is cleared by clearing, restarting, checking... I could never be bothered working out exactly what the problem was, but it always seemed windows print queue was a bit crap and retained stuff even after you supposedly killed it.

Past tense because I don't use windows anymore.

mo-sey, Jan 13, 2:29pm
Uninstall then Reinstall

aaron551, Jan 13, 3:47pm
this can be related to many things, such as needing to empty the Temp folder, Lack of free space on C:\ , the driver needing to be reinstalled.... Personally I'd start with Disk Cleanup ||click Start || then Run || type: cleanmgr.exe

Followed by an Defrag

mortluby, Jan 14, 9:57am
Open a command box. At the command prompt type:


Once the spooler stops type:


This clears the computers print spooler (assuming it's windows based).

kiwi191, Jan 14, 10:23am
I would get the latest printer driver 2

mortluby, Jan 14, 10:35am
Be careful with that, I've had printers where the later drivers wouldn't support earlier versions of a printer model.

Kyocera have a nifty wee tool on their website called driver deleter that works with any printer driver. Delete the printer and this removes any associated file/reg change associated with that printer driver (you have full control over what gets deleted).

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