Those USB sitcks to get internet access??

deblet_, Jan 11, 2:52am
Does anyone use these?I have no idea how they work but do you think they would be suitable for me ( I normally have satellite BB) but would love to have internet access at the bach - there is cell coverage so it 'shouldnt' be a problem... but do you need to have your BB with, say vodafone, to get a vodafone stick thingie - and how expensive is it??

vtecintegra, Jan 11, 2:56am

baker-assoc, Jan 11, 2:56am
I have one of the free ones telecom gave out, They are bloody handy when we were at the batch over Xmas - New Years.

They can be expensive but Telecom have double Your Data promo on atm which makes them ok priced. Good Speed to :D

ettenyl, Jan 11, 3:02am
my daughter uses one as she has no phone connection, they're fine for checking emails etc. (not too many photos though)
they are expensive, as anything convenient, but there are things you can do to limit your usage eg. use firefox with adblock

hapukanz, Jan 11, 3:09am
This is a prime example of how we are getting ripped off for iternet access here in NZ.

We went back to the Uk last XMAS. I bought from a UK ISP called O2 ( they sponsor the English Rugby team) For $40 equivalent, we got a USB MOdem stick, A sim card and 30 days unlimited internet access. When the 30 days were up, we could buy another 30 days.
We used it every day while we were in the UK. We even had my laptop hooked up to Google maps and my Son was using it as a way of navigating us around the UK.
We never had any connection problems.
I still have the USB modem but the charges here are way too expensive

jetgriff, Jan 11, 3:33am
I have the vodumstick, costs $50 per month for 2gig. Sign for 2 years and its free or you pay about $100 for the stick.I have had mine 18 months now and would not be without it, can go anywhere, say friends house, beach, park and just plug it in and away you go.

kew, Jan 11, 4:06am
I bouught the Telecom T-Stick Prepay which I use when I travel.
The trick is to turn off all updates for windows etc, download all email before you leave home and then away you go.I am still using the original 512mb that it originally came with from 5 months ago.

As far as I am aware, the Telecom prepay is the only one that allows you to roll over unused data from each month.

I travel quite a bit and so far, it has averaged out at around $4.00 per month.Fantastic.

ngubb, Jan 11, 4:41am
Unlikely. The initial credit expires after 30 days since it first becomes activated.

kew, Jan 11, 4:48am
No it doesnt.I clarified this when I bought it and it is still going 5 months later.

g14us, Jan 11, 5:16am
No, it doesn't expire but you need to top up, or add to it, at least every 6 months but you can just top up with the minimum. When I first enquired about it when Telecom was offering them free to existing customers ages ago the Telecom call centre kept giving me conflicting info re whether the data expired at the end of the month and I finally gave up trying to find out and didn't get one. Then last August we were in Hamilton just after The Base opened and wandering around there so I decided to try face to face and was assured by 2 different sales people at different times and not in each other's hearing, that it did not expire and they were so helpful all round that we bought one primarily to use whilst on holiday at that time. Didn't of course use anywhere near all the data allowance but it is still valid until the end of next month when I shall top up ready for the next holiday.

And if I don't bother the T-Stick is still valid and I can just start all over with it.

craigsmith, Jan 11, 5:18am
Kinda getting ripped off then aren't ya.

2degrees will get you 3 GB for $50 and it expires after 60 days.

vtecintegra, Jan 11, 5:25am
Only if you are inside one of their own coverage areas.Otherwise its $6 for 50MB :/

jetski34, Jan 11, 5:28am
I have a Telecom t-stick that I got free with a promotion at the start of the year.It's on prepay, but my understanding has always been $30 for 500MB, expires within the calendar month.So I only used it in Feb and April when I was away from home for a couple of week each month.If I'm only going away for the weekend I have learnt to live without my internet :)(would have been impossible before my Outward Bound course which was 3 weeks with no TV / radio / computer / phone etc).

g14us, Jan 11, 5:45am
Well for sure, unless I was using the T-Stick as my only and permanent broadband connection for my laptop I rather have the flexibilityof Telecom's system that lasts for 6 months than anything that expired every 2 months and believe me although we are withTelecom because it suits us in several other ways I am not a huge fan of theirs so that is quite a statement from me

jetgriff, Jan 12, 9:14pm
yes tried that but its only in Auck, Well, CHCH or Queenstown.

rz_zone, Jan 12, 9:17pm
Theres also Woosh.

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