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pawlovers, May 27, 9:24am
Is downloading torrents illegal? Is downloading torrents illegal?
Just wondering, thanks

dunedin_ree, May 27, 9:25am
Depends what they are. Downloading a torrent of a linux distro isn't, for example.

pawlovers, May 27, 9:28am
Music + moviesso i can download linux do you mean?

chapadao, May 27, 9:30am
Downloading copyrighted material, eg the majority of music, movies, software etc is illegal. Downloading open source software is not.

dunedin_ree, May 27, 9:31am
Music and movies illegal unless they are royalty-free (read the warnings at the start of your DVD that you hire. All commercial music and movies - illegal). Linux and other open-source software - not illegal.

pawlovers, May 27, 9:31am
Ok*sneaks off quietly continuing to download Billy Idol*

mat456, May 27, 9:31am
Music & movies that you normally would have to pay for are obviously illegal to download. Freeware like Linux is ok to download.

teroopu, May 27, 9:32am
I thought distribution was the illegal part, eg uploading material to others.

dunedin_ree, May 27, 9:32am
Seriously why did you think you could download music for "free" rather than pay for it?

chapadao, May 27, 9:33am
Ohyou'z a rebel, y0h. yell

pawlovers, May 27, 9:33am
Re 9, my car was stolen with all my billy idol music, they wouldnt give insurance for the CD's (WTF I Know)

chapadao, May 27, 9:33am
8that's like assuming it's illegal to sell drugs, but ok to buy them

chapadao, May 27, 9:34am
9doesn't make it right. but have fun with that

chapadao, May 27, 9:34am
Oops 11 i mean

dunedin_ree, May 27, 9:35am
Next time, rip any CD you buy first. Technically, THAT's still illegal in NZ (i think?) but no judge I know of is going to prosecute you for ripping a CD when you can prove that you own it.

vtecintegra, May 27, 9:40am
Since when do Judges decide who to prosecute?

pawlovers, May 27, 9:41am
Never thought about ripping I will do that with all of them, thanks. That way they can all be on my laptop too?

chapadao, May 27, 9:42am
Since they DEcided hondas were cool

dunedin_ree, May 27, 9:44am
Meh, vec. Yep, rip all your cds onto your laptop (if you have room). That way you have a backup if your original cds get all scratched up, you can create "mix tapes" (lol), play music by hooking your lappie up to your stereo, etc. Thats how we did it in olden times before broadband ....

bidda2, May 27, 9:45am
Any Music without DRM or other protection is legal now to copy to digital media. (don't quote me) Bypassing protection though is still illegal as is copying DVD's.

spukeyfly, May 27, 9:50am
I think its legal to download music and movies, as long as you don't listen to them or watch them, would that be right?

pawlovers, May 27, 9:56am
Cool, thanks I will press F1 for help in windows media lol. The only thing is this laptop came with a 100GB hard-drive, and after getting repaired under warranty(nothing to do with hard drive) it is now 30GB =/ .But i got an external 500GB hard drive for xmas, do i just plug it in and away we go?

dunedin_ree, May 27, 10:00am
I doubt that very much. Yes, just plug the external HDD in - should come up as a removable drive in Windows Explorer.

chapadao, May 27, 10:02am
22If you're sure about that (check they haven't made partitions etc..) then complain to them.. that ain't on

dino7, May 27, 10:18am
Re6 you need to be put in prison ............for listening to billy idol! ffs buy the albums it will doubles his sales for the last year;)

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