Hi wanting some advice.

equinekiwi, Jan 12, 9:35am
I want buy a websitetemplate from this website
My question is can I have a website host elsewhere and in nz or do I need to join up with their website hosting ?
Is it straight having your website website hosting company you use in nz while buying an american website template?

dunedin_ree, Jan 12, 9:44am
It's like buying a book from the States and storing it on a bookshelf in NZ.It doesn't matter where you're hosted or where you buy your template from.

Don't be sucked into a Flash template just because it uses Flash.Most of those use unnecessary and annoying Flash components when ordinary HTML/CSS will do.

vtecintegra, Jan 12, 9:46am
Note you also need the authoring tools listed on each templates page, usually some version of Flash and perhaps Photoshop too

Can be expensive

dunedin_ree, Jan 12, 9:47am
You shouldn't buy *anything* until you've worked out what you need/want, ie:

- an informational page?
- ability to sell products?
- something else?

little_egypt, Jan 12, 9:50am
Make sure you understand what a 'template' is too.

It's not a website. It's not a CMS. It's not a domain. It's not hosting...

equinekiwi, Jan 12, 8:26pm
re template not a website,I thought it was?
eg you design it and once find a website hosting company etc that creates a website?

quick-trade, Jan 12, 9:31pm
Like dunedin said what are you going to use the website for?Is the key question as to what template you want to buy etc.

For a beginner/novice I'd recommend Wordpress, you can get a simple website up and running within minutes.Bear in mind to that some web hosts will give you access to free templates when you join as well.

If you don't know much about this stuff then a cheap way is buy a template you like and goto a site like elance or odesk and get it modified to suit you for like $50-100.

foxdonut, Jan 12, 9:39pm

Single best CMS ever made. Far superior to Joomla etc.

equinekiwi, Jan 13, 3:31am
Yeah I have a dog walking,petsitting business and have a website at the moment,I'm wanting to change whole style of website and also my website hosting.
my current website cost $2500 (had someone design it for me)but those templates actually look better than my current one which was designed for me.
my website hosting is due to expire soon and I've had my current website for a year now

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