USB freeview tuner advice please.

kiwikidd77, Jan 12, 10:01am
are any of those listed on TM better than others? Just want a good one for occasional use as I don't watch a lot of TV but would like to go digital.

AMD dual core 3Ghz, 4Gb DDRII RAM. 512Mb Radeon Video.

Thanks in advance for advice and suggestions.

gyrogearloose, Jan 12, 10:07am
The graphics card needs native H.264 support, then the cpu will sit at 12-15% instead of being pegged. And Windows7...

kiwikidd77, Jan 12, 10:21am
OK should have said that I do have Windows 7 Ultimate installed. How do I find out if my graphics card is up to spec?

I suspect it isn't.

Radeon X770 which is at least PCI-e.

Suggestions for a good replacement if needed that will not cost more than one arm and a leg.

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