Auction advice ? -

pettal, Jan 12, 4:05pm
is this P/C a goodput together machine using well known decent components etc= # 346264743

lythande1, Jan 12, 6:33pm
Asrock motherboard - no.
No brand of HDD stated.
No brand of optical drive stated.
and NO brand of PSU stated!!
Also there is no 12Ghz CPUs either. He is incorrect in multiplying the cores. It's just 3Ghz.
Go to a reputable computer shop - Computer Lounge or Playtech for instance. Proper warranty as well, not some half assed 1 yr crap.
And proper advice from people who know what they are talking about.

r.g.nixon, Jan 12, 6:34pm
Mixed comments on the power supply quality here

pettal, Jan 13, 2:54am
how about this one then# =346815810??

lythande1, Jan 13, 2:59am
Oh god. Dragon PC. Terrible after sales service.
For gods sake:

swivel, Jan 13, 3:02am
Nothing wrong with Asrock motherboards.

Second system isn't bad,

pettal, Jan 13, 3:14am
Cheers-just looking at them= their prices seem very reasonable..

damon3, Jan 13, 3:33am

Asrock is a subsidiary of ASUS, "Asrock" was started in order to compete against ECS and Foxconn in the commodity OEM market

lythande1, Jan 14, 2:20am
Yes. Owned by ASUS. But not ASUS and not the same quality.

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