Help with extended desktop gaming

pomtom44, Jan 14, 10:45pm
I am running a tri screen setup with a dual out on my graphics card and a usb graphics display for my third monitor.
When I go to play a game it runs fine on my center screen where I would like it but when I move my mouse to turn my player around the Pointer moves off the game and onto the desktop still showing on one of the other two screens.
Then when i click to interact, It thinks im clicking on the desktop and minimises the game returning me to my full desktop.
Is there anyway to diable this or to quickly disable the other 2 monitors so the mouse cant get tricked by going over the desktop?

hayster94, Jan 14, 11:13pm
I always found that while I'm in a game I can't move onto my other monitor. Does it do it with all games?

pomtom44, Jan 15, 1:34am
im not to sure. the other games i play are racing games where i dont use themouse. this is the only mouse required game i have played on this setup.

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