Acer Aspire T180 won't boot up

franc123, Jan 15, 8:13am
Was working fine last night, shut it off for a few hours and then later wouldn't restart at all, got the white ACER screen coming up but nothing else, the CD and Hard drive lights come on briefly after switching on but it just does nothing, any ideas?Could the hard drive have packed it in? The antivirus protection was up to date.TIA

r.g.nixon, Jan 15, 9:45am
No error message on screen?

franc123, Jan 15, 11:07am
No, just the white screen that comes up briefly before the black XP screen does.

franc123, Jan 16, 6:47am
got it to fire up today but only ran for a few minutes before it froze, while it was going all the icons came up and photos etc are all still in there. Switched it off and tried to restart but wouldn't reboot.Anyone else?

babcorp, Jan 16, 9:00am
I wouldn't be suprised if the mobo or power supply has cooked.
The only good thing about the T180 is the case, gut it out and use to build a new machine.

franc123, Jan 16, 10:45am
I think the power supply is OK but the mobo might not be, I took it apart and there was a heap of dust and crap on the fins where the internal fan bolts to, this is where the main CPU or whatever its called lives?Its four years old so maybe time to walk away from it, only would really like to get some photos and other stuff out of it.Thanks for the suggestions.

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