Need advice for new modem

Hello people, I have a linksys wag160n and it keeps resetting/rebooting it self all the time. Guessing it's poked, but computer stuff isn't my area of expertise. So can I fix it or should I be looking for a new modem? If so what is a good modem to go for? We live in the country and the phone line can get abit noisey sometimes (electric fences etc)Is used for ps3 two laptops and a iPod touch. And would still like the N wireless and we only have ADSL. Cheers

geek_slacker8, Jan 16, 6:47 pm

i have vodafone wireless N modem for sale on trademe check it out and there are heaps of others on trademe as well :)

geek_froggyb, Jan 16, 8:32 pm