Adice sought: HDTV tuner software for PC

I bought a USB HDTV tuner on TM and the accompanying software (Blaze HDTV) is pirated and only functions briefly before timing out. The USB tuner works fine.

I've struggled to find another tuner programme on the web, can anyone recommend something please.

geek_cpg, Jan 16, 8:10 am

Media Portal is good, although takes a bit of time to setup. I think it supports most TV tuner cards..

Even the Windows 7 media center is pretty good.

geek_suicidemonkey, Jan 16, 8:12 am

Windows Media Center W7 version. Vista version won't work as can't decode H.264.

Please specify operating system.

geek_spyware, Jan 16, 8:12 am

Thanks spyware, I'm using XP.

geek_cpg, Jan 16, 9:20 am

geek_spyware, Jan 16, 9:58 am

Thanks spyware, looks good.

geek_cpg, Jan 16, 10:25 am

I bought 1 of those off Trademe too .It was timing out but you need to go into settings and change the format of the recorder file.Mine was sutting off after 30mins.Change from the default file to 300 mg or however large you want.As far as I know it isnt pirated software just the basic one the next one up is better.Goto

geek_gary06, Jan 18, 7:50 pm

Forgive my dumbness but what does this tuner allow you to do on your pc? ... Watch overseas TV programmes?Fiona.

geek_texastwo, Jan 18, 8:19 pm

Allows you to watch Freeview HD on your pc or media center.

geek_mattie47, Jan 18, 9:09 pm