Acer Aspire laptops - touch pad

Acer Aspire laptops - touch pad I recently tried out the touchpad on an Acer Aspire at Dick Smiths. The mouse pointer moved all over the place, almost certainly due to the fact that the touch pad is at the same height as the palm rests of the keyboard, not recessed by a few mm like my current laptop. I enjoy using a touchpad, so I don't want to have to turn it off. For those who have this laptop, what's your experience? Does it still annoy you or can you change the settings? At the moment I just can't buy one simply because of this problem.

geek_electro64, May 28, 11:41 am

I found it better than my previous touchpad...I don't knock it around...I do turn it off because I always use a mouse...but you can change the settings in the control panel for it.

geek_soodanim, May 28, 11:45 am

Ok, thanks so you've not used it without using a mouse for an extended period of time?

geek_electro64, May 28, 11:46 am

Not alotbut I hardly ever managed to move it around when I was and I don't have dainty girly hands! lol The previous laptop (NEC) the touchpad was to close to the spacebar, I was always banging it....The touchpad is slightly recessed...not a huge amount tho.

geek_soodanim, May 28, 12:00 pm

Thanks for that any other experiences?

geek_electro64, May 28, 12:08 pm

I've had two Acer laptops . . . and find that if I turn the annoying "tap" feature OFF, sanity prevails.

geek_acoustic_roy, May 28, 3:20 pm

It is very irritating I haven't tried to turn it off yet,and always keep bumping it and mucking up what I am typing.

geek_toby21, May 30, 10:14 pm

I,ve got a acer I has a function so its knows when your plam is resting on the touch pad, after I turned it on had no problems, also found move your finger updown the left side for scrolling, tap 2 times to open files (instead of pressing the buttons)

geek_cessna3, May 30, 11:11 pm