Vodafone (Red Zone?) ChCh 30GB plan issues

Long shot but does anyone here have the 30GB Vodafone plan. I keep finding that with internation sites I keep on getting connection reset. I have to wait a few minutes or reset my router and try again. Its getting worse and worse.... Anyone seen this or heard of this?

geek_ilottl, Jan 18, 8:12 am

I'm on it in Auckland. I had a few problems like that a little while ago, it went away in about a week (it was pretty bad) :s

geek_charles.j, Jan 18, 8:19 am

Thanks, its been like this for sometime, now, I have raised incidents and vodafone have advised that it is a infrastructure issue for usage during peak times. Its a 30GB plan and phoneline for $100 per month. If there was a equivalent, I would change I am that fed up.

geek_ilottl, Jan 18, 8:37 am