Vodafone ADSL router setting sfor pvc1

OK, can someone help configure or confirm vodafone adsl (red network settings).

Running a 3com router which currently set to: Protocol PPPoA, IP assigned, Always connected, Idle time 20000, MTU 1492
VPI/VCI 0/100, VC Mux, UBE 4000/4000/10. Can someone post theirs please so I can compare.

geek_ilottl, Jan 18, 1:06 pm

bump. anyone with router settings.

geek_ilottl, Jan 18, 1:52 pm

looks fine to me.

I take it you can't connect to the net?

geek_charles.j, Jan 18, 1:54 pm

Yay a repsonse, no connection to the net is fine. After 9pm I keep on receiving (not always) server connection reset. Vodafone says not a problem there side so checking everything else.

geek_ilottl, Jan 18, 2:22 pm

It aint nothing to do with the router settings.

geek_spyware, Jan 18, 8:02 pm

What is the EXACT message you're getting, and what is telling you this?

geek_dunedin_ree, Jan 18, 8:05 pm