Wireless printer...WPA Passphrase??

trinoxy, Jan 18, 3:16am
Hi, Just got a printer is asking for the wpa passphrase. According to my internet provider it is the password i used to set up my wireless connection. But this password is not working, any ideas..please?

lostdude, Jan 18, 3:21am
login to your router and check the wifi settings.

trinoxy, Jan 18, 4:28am
how do i do that and what am i checking for? internet provider also did that..they dont know why it is not working?

gyrogearloose, Jan 18, 6:04am
As well as the password, look for the wpa type (such as wpa2) and the name of the wireless network. All 3 values must match exactly what you are trying to setup in the printer.

trinoxy, Jan 18, 6:05am
lostdude, when i hold windows key + r and type in what you said nothing happens. Am i doing something wrong?

trinoxy, Jan 18, 6:11am
have the modem part open the wpa type is wpa+wpa2.

dunedin_ree, Jan 18, 6:15am
Is there an option to change it to just WPA?

trinoxy, Jan 18, 6:17am
yes..what will this do?

lostdude, Jan 18, 6:26am
eh, damn forgot a step lol. After holding Windows Key + R, type CMD, press enter then type ipconfig at the prompt

trinoxy, Jan 18, 6:53am
thatz o.k.lostdude have done that now. I know these are the numbers to look at my modem, what am i looking for?

trinoxy, Jan 18, 6:57am
cant see anywhere to put in username or password?

ettenyl, Jan 18, 6:57am
you're looking for your wireless security settings, importantly the shared key or pass phrase

dunedin_ree, Jan 18, 7:04am
It will change the TYPE of password to WPA, which is what you need to make it work with your printer.

trinoxy, Jan 18, 7:48am
i changed the setting and i went offline, may be because i also have wireless for my computer as well?

lostdude, Jan 18, 7:50am
Maybe you can provide some specifics... like what is the make/model of wireless modem/router? Should say in the front of it.

trinoxy, Jan 18, 8:08am
hi its a ThomsonE58DDE..hope this helps?

dunedin_ree, Jan 18, 8:08am
Yes, you should plug into your router with a cable when you change settings.

trinoxy, Jan 18, 8:17am
o.k.wil do that now.

trinoxy, Jan 18, 8:24am
plugged in cable, then changed settings. As soon as i unplugged i went offline again?

dunedin_ree, Jan 18, 8:26am
You changed your wireless settings so you have to re-connect to the wireless network.

trinoxy, Jan 18, 9:10am
o.k. wil do it tomorrow had enough tonight

cola, Dec 30, 1:59am
I got a new printer that connects to my laptop with a USB plug, but it's asking for a passcode, does this mean I cannot print without internet?

cola, Dec 30, 2:01am
I just got a new printer for my laptop, using a USB plug, my printer setup is asking for a passcode, does this mean I cannot use the printer without internet??

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