TelstraClear's Stuff up now confirmed.

tigra, Jan 18, 7:57pm
TelstraClear has finally admittedthat there Usage Meter was out of action between 5 and 10 Jan and nobody could see their useage during those days. They have now advised that they have loaded all of the useage during those 5 days on to the 10 Jan useage.If you have gone over your cap because of this failure you probably have a case under the CGA for refusing to pay any penalty...though I dont like your chances of dealing with such a big coporate on this.

froggyb, Jan 18, 11:29pm
Vodafone also had a problem with theres showing people using 2 or even 10+ gigs in a day , nothing was siad unless u looked in vodafones blog site .....

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