Advice please, hp touch screen computer

kiwilocks, Jan 22, 4:40am
sorry dont know the model, ive been looking at these at noel leemings i want computer for the kids, its 4g ram, 2.8 processer etc. I just wondered about the touch screen and also that all the components are in the screen part (there is no seperate box) Any pros and cons would be great. Its on special for around 1100 and has a 20 inch screen.

ettenyl, Jan 22, 4:45am
kids, grubby fingers and a touch screen...hmmm, are you sure you want to go there? IMO forget the gimmicky touch screen and spend your money on a more conventional machine, you'll get more for your dollars.

kiwilocks, Jan 22, 4:50am
thanks, i wasnt actually going to tell the kids its a touch screen it was the cheapest id looked at for 4gig ram

froggyb, Jan 22, 4:55am
Rams pretty cheap these days , take the specs of a machine u like to a local pc shop see if they can build it cheaper , u maybe supprised .....

ilottl, Jan 22, 9:59am
OK apart from ram, 2.8 what are the other specs, Harddrive, graphics card etc etc

lostdude, Jan 22, 10:26am
Here you go:

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