AT-9000/24 24port switch connect ADSL...

ilottl, Jan 22, 8:06am
Does anyone know if it is possible to connect a ADSL linksys wireless router to these or any L2 managed switch. Plugging ina pc it works ok but when you plug in a ADSL router there is no link. Reading up the manual now but thought someone may have seen issues with this sort of thing before.

twaymouth, Jan 22, 8:19am
You can do this however you have to use the correct cable between the switch and router and also ensure that the ip addresses are correctly configured.

ilottl, Jan 22, 8:32am
OK so it needs to be a crossover or a patch?

twaymouth, Jan 22, 8:41am
My bet would be a crossover cable.

little_egypt, Jan 22, 8:46am
most switches have an uplink port that is either xover or can be switched. More recent ones have autodetect on all ports so you can plug anything anywhere.

guest, Nov 8, 11:47pm
Shit everything made in the last five years has auto MDI

Crossovers are history, or for that really old junk you can't bear to throw away.

OP - how old is your kit?

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