Acer 270 lcd fault

lyndon.craw, Jan 22, 7:33pm
We have an acer 270 14.1" laptop, the LCD has little contrast and 2 lines (or slight shifts) horizontally. Sometimes the display is blurred, it flickers and slow to react. External video output is fine, with none of the above faults. Would a replacement LCD fix it? How compatible are LCDs...if we get one that is the same size and resolution will it work?

pkm66, Jan 22, 7:39pm
travelmate 270 ?
no you have to be careful to get the correct replacement.
you might find the LCD costs as much as a slightly better laptop

lyndon.craw, Jan 22, 8:32pm
Yep Travelmate 270.

kevin16, Jan 22, 8:35pm
sounds like the graphics chip is failing,

ilottl, Jan 22, 8:39pm
These are selling for around $150-$250 on trademe. You should really weigh up wether to buy a new one or fix the curremt one, an LCD replacement would not be cheap and the LCD's for these are getting harder to find at a reasonable price. If the LCD or graphics chip is failing , whats next after the fix?

lyndon.craw, Jan 22, 9:10pm
If it was the graphics chip would the external output display perfectly?

ilottl, Jan 22, 9:11pm
99% usually no, you would have the same problem.

kevin16, Jan 22, 10:51pm
I don't know about the %, but have had this happen on a A10 Tosh,..

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