Wireless Printer connection or so i had thought?

pandora10, Jan 23, 7:43am
A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

I wanted to free up a USB connection on my desktop and thought I would utilise my hitherto unused wireless functionality of my Dynalink Modem/Router.

I went through the wireless setup using the wizard in the Control Panel.

Then using my ISP helpdek advisor who walked me through the setup on my EPSON printer i thought everything was sweet.

Mt Control Panel says I have a bonafide LAN connection up and running and my printer display shows that the wi fi is strong in this one Luke.

But when I try to print a file it sais the printer is not connected.

The PC itself does not have a wireless card but I had thought the hardwire connection to the MODEM would allow the print command to be sent through the either?

Can provide some site specific detail if thought useful?

Any relevant advice apart from don't touch stuff you do not nufin about?

dougstringer, Jan 23, 8:03am
Is your computer set to print to a network printer? Or still trying to print to the Usb one?

pandora10, Jan 23, 8:30am
Was connected as a local printer via a USB cable prior to me tutuing with this. As I was being walked thru by the ISP helpdesk to setup the wi fi it was as a network printer.

eslayer, Jan 23, 8:31am
Also, make sure your router is connected via ethernet not USB to your computer.

pandora10, Jan 23, 8:34am
The Modem connection to the PC is not a USB, but very much but similar to a phone jackpoint.Was the same connection that my old dial up modem used I think?

spyware, Jan 23, 8:39am
Modem/router connects using Ethernet. Wireless is also Ethernet just a different standard.

pandora10, Jan 23, 8:47am
Just to clarify.

My Broadband connection is wired and the MODEM has a little dongle thingy.

I assume what you are saying is the yellow cable between my PC and MODEM is the requisite ethernet connection?

You are dealing with a dumb computer user here.

spyware, Jan 23, 8:48am
Printer driver is configured to print to a port, if you look at the printer properties/ports tab then you can see what port it is printing to. You need to add a TCPIP port pointing to the IP address that the router has given to the printer and change the port to this.

pandora10, Jan 23, 8:54am
The current printer port is a virtual Printer Port for USB.
Inote under add ports there is a TCPIP option.
How do i find out where the IP address that the router has given should i choose this option?


dougstringer, Jan 23, 8:57am
Run the printer driver disk, it should detect the printer as wireless networked now.

pandora10, Jan 23, 9:03am
Should i uninstall the current EPSON software before running the disk again?

pandora10, Jan 23, 9:13am
I found a printed status test sheet which amongst other things hadan IP address. Once I typed this in and finished out of the wizard the queued email spewed forth.

I am no longer clueless but merely cordless.

Thank you all for the assistance.

pandora10, Feb 20, 7:49am
Sincei last posted about my Wireless connectivity issues to my printer in early January everything has been working sweet, thanks to this forum.

Have now run into an unexpected glitch and my kids can not get a hardcopy of the home work.Will somebody please think of the children!

Nothing happens and the print jobs just pile up in thequeue and I also getget the following message on the printer display when sending a job to the printer queue or turning the printer on for the first time.

"The IP address that was configured is already in use on the network"

Followed by an IP address19x.xxx.1.2

The actual IP address derived from control Panel/ Printer..is:


Can anyone tell me what is going on please?


spyware, Feb 20, 8:15am
The most likely thing that is going wrong is that the printer has been configured with an IP address, e.g.,, and while the printer is turned off the router is using its DHCP server to assign the same address to another computer or device on your network. The router will have a range of addresses that have been configured for it to use, this is called a DHCP address pool.

When you setup a printer the first thing you want is to have the IP address never change so you should always give the printer a static address rather than using DHCP. Given this, you always want to make sure that this staic address is NOT in the DHCP address pool range or if it is that it is near the upper end of the address pool and you are certain the the router would never have to use it to assign to something else.

Recommendation: Manually configure printer with an address of and alter the driver tcpip port address accordingly.

pandora10, Feb 20, 9:41am
Cheers.Totally lost trying to manually reset IP address usin the printers menu..The Status sheets sais I have got no IP, Subnet, Default Gateway, APIPA .......

Will download printer manual to see if that can assist.Will probabale get back to you once I have done that.

pandora10, Feb 20, 9:59am
Th manuals are all HTML and hence useless to me.I hate reading stuff fom a screen.I might add that during my rampage through the printer setup menu i did not get to an option that allowed me to type in an IP address.Should I have?.

jcmp21, Feb 20, 10:45am
Personally I would leave the printers IP as it is unless it is easy to change and jump into the modem and just have a look under the DHCP tab and see if you can just adjust the address pool to issue IP addresses between and This should then leave between up to to play with for static addresses (you would never use that many but I dont think you are going to run out of addresses anyway)

pandora10, Feb 21, 3:08am

How do I "...and jump into the modem and just have a look under the DHCP tab and see if you can just adjust the address..." please?


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