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jojo76, Jan 23, 9:40pm
I just a new laptop, running windows 7
I have a desktop also running windows 7 which has a printer plugged into it.I have a wireless modem and they both share that.
So i am wanting tp be able to print from the laptop.
I looked it up and have done what it said about making them part of the 'homegroup', but they don't appear to be picking each other up..what am i doing wrong.Thanks

charles.j, Jan 23, 9:41pm
You don't need a home group.

Share the printer on the computer that is attached to it. Then browse to the computer with the printer from the other computer by typing \\computerNameHere

The printer should be there(connect to it)

jojo76, Jan 25, 4:56am
Sorry forgot to come back..on the dektop which had the printer, i did the share printer thing, went back onto the lappy and it still does'nt pick it up, any other ideas please? Thanks

sighkick, Jan 25, 5:08am
Just make sure that the GROUP name is the same on both computers.It used to default to WORKGROUP back in the past but this has changed over the years.Next came MSHOME and Windows 7 I don't use so can't help.

If you give each computer a unique name (something you can remember) plus ensure that both are using the same Workgroup name (HOMEGROUP is fine), you should be able to 'see' the Printer when you go to the Printers and Faxes window.

p.s. On XP I get to the place to change workgroup and computer name by right clicking on My Computer, choosing Properties to bring up a System Properties window and then choose the Computer Name tab.I may be similar in Win 7

thunderstorm, Jan 26, 8:45am
Please describe in detail how you went about this step.

and maybe read this

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