Ipad questions advice please.

I had a quick play on one this morning are they as good as they look? If my laptop is dying im thinking of replacing it with a ipad, something just for me to use, that i can put away from the kids, i only surf and play facebbok games, email etc.
I see there is no usb can you put your photos on them?

geek_kiwilocks, Jan 24, 3:39 pm

Yes you can put your photos on them.

You will not be able to play facebook games as most of them require flash.If you can't get a game in the App Store then chances are you can't play it.

geek_dunedin_ree, Jan 24, 3:41 pm

I would mention 2 things

1. New model coming out this year, will be well worth the wait.

2. An iPad is not a replacement for a computer... It needs to be used with iTunes.

(remember on launch date, that lady in states got hacked off because she saved and saved and brought one and apparently could not afford a computer, She caused a big storm because the moment she got home she needed to connect it to itunes... she thought it was a computer replacement)

geek_malachiman, Jan 24, 4:23 pm

iPad is very limited.As mentioned above, there are many features of laptop and PC that is not available on a touch screen tablet like the iPad.It has its cool features, but it is not a full laptop replacement.

geek_chevyxman, Jan 24, 4:36 pm

If I was going to buy a Tablet .. I would go for the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

In saying that, I already have a Samsung Galaxy S running 2.2, so the Tab would just be a bigger version of my phone.

Hmm. I still would use my laptop heaps even if I had the tablet.

geek_michael.benn, Jan 24, 5:58 pm

Buy an I-ron - its the lastest craze out :p

geek_babcorp, Jan 24, 6:06 pm

Be interesting to see if tablet computers are here to stay. They didnt really take off in the late 1990's when Compaq and HP tried them.But then again, back then, mobile broadband was not as widely available and fast as it is now.

geek_chevyxman, Jan 24, 6:32 pm

Indeed ; the "on the go" device with wi-fi has really taken off these past few years.

geek_michael.benn, Jan 24, 6:56 pm

I would have to disagree with the claim about it not being a computer replacement.It has itunes on it.I think I needed to connect it to my computer to set it up initially but havent needed to since.It has totally replaced my need for a desktop.You can buy apps for everything you might need such as word and powerpoint documents.I bought a zaggmate keyboard to go with it.(I work on it, surf the net and email but im not a facebook person)

geek_kath6, Jan 24, 6:56 pm

I used to work in retail store, and i'd say most the of customers buying laptop were either uni students or gamers.So the main use would be microsoft word, excel, assignments, reports.And the other would be for serious gaming laptops.And in both those 2 cases, the iPad would not be practical.So in that sense it is not a full replacement for the main users of laptop.Good for music and net browsing tho

geek_chevyxman, Jan 24, 8:39 pm

You'd be silly to own an iPad without at least access to a laptop or desktop at your house - not just for syncing, but for updates and restoring/backing it up.

I don't think it's a computer replacement - but it could replace the need for a laptop if the kind of things you usually do on a laptop can be done on the iPad.

For the OP, the Facebook games are where it would fall down.

geek_dunedin_ree, Jan 24, 8:43 pm

this isnt subjective or emotional, it comes down to how badly you require flash, and how much you need to type. Sure,buy an external keyboard at a premium price - but without usb it is still crippled as a desktop replacement. Get a macbook etc if you enjoy the apple interface.

geek_pkm66, Jan 24, 9:15 pm

You can get an external USB port for it.I was a full time student last year as well and with the key board found it fine for doing assignments.The organizational apps (and app games) helped me get through the year!

geek_kath6, Jan 24, 9:42 pm

pretty soon, you will walking around with a USB Hub, keyboard, mouse, printer, and an iPad.Really makes you consider if its a complete replacement

geek_chevyxman, Jan 24, 10:35 pm

It's not, and it was never designed to be.

geek_dunedin_ree, Jan 24, 10:40 pm

Apple tried it too remember.

Really the key was long battery life, slim form factor, limited OS and a capacitive screen - Apple was the first to put it all together (indeed there are no serious competitors available until the Honeycomb tablets hit)

geek_vtecintegra, Jan 24, 10:42 pm

Galaxy Tab does try, give credit where it's due =P

geek_michael.benn, Jan 25, 12:51 am

+1 although people dont like to admit it.

Honeycomb will be interesting,(although the shots of seen, looks like they have copied iOS some more) but probably let down by hardware. No one has been as of yet able to compete with apple price wise. Apple has an advantage of securing huge quantities of raw materials like it did with flash ram.No other company has the same financial leverage.

geek_malachiman, Jan 25, 8:31 am

thanks for all the advice its great. It definately wouldnt be a replacement laptop, we are looking at getting a family desktop, i just want something i can go on with out the kids bashing and crashing on it thanks heaps.

geek_kiwilocks, Jan 25, 4:08 pm

Can't be any worse than the current iPad, which suffers from a crippling lack of connectivity and RAM

Will be interesting what the next one brings though, rumors say an SD card slot

geek_vtecintegra, Jan 25, 4:12 pm

OP, ignore vtec, he is a one eyed Ad droid when it come to any thing Apple. The iPad is a totally different experience, just makes "computers" so last decade. We find that we now use our iPad 90% of the time, our non touch computer just sits in the corner and glares at us.

geek_remmers, Jan 25, 5:52 pm

I agree that you need to have a desktop too for backing up, copying photos over to iPad etc but have found that I don't use my laptop nearly as much as I used to now that I have my iPad.I love it and spend so much time on it that my husband recently said "there's three of us in this relationship . . .you, me and your iPad"!!!

geek_mirand, Jan 25, 5:59 pm

Asus' eee Slate looks like my fav. rival to the ipad so far but the cost is about the same as a notebook! http://www.slashgear.com/asus-eee-slate-ep121-gets-official-unboxing-walkthrough-video-21127699/

geek_julieandcasper, Jan 25, 8:31 pm

I'd find that waaay too big to be useful.

The iPad's not the be all and end all of tablets by any stretch of the imagination but I believe they have the size (if not the weight) bang on.

geek_dunedin_ree, Jan 25, 8:37 pm

On my iPhone 3G I found nearly all websites played fine. Most websites have a iPhone/iPad specific version now. The only thing you don't get is those annoying pop-up advertisements that move around and try to attract you attention. I so don't miss those!

I don't have Flash installed on my IE9 beta either.

geek_carkitter, Jan 25, 9:31 pm

vtec knows his stuff. As do I. As do many of the people in this forum.

Just because your iPad gets more use than your (probably ancient) computer doesn't mean this'll be the case for everyone.

A tablet is by no extent a desktop replacement, or a laptop replacement for that matter.

vtec is right. And no, he's not a "ad droid" whatever the hell that is.
The iPad is a glorified iPod Touch. It has almost identical hardware to support a screen that is much larger. Not a good design plan.

Tell me something the iPad can do that my laptop or desktop can't .... now reverse it and tell me what my laptop can do that your iPad can't ... who wins ?

Sure, the iPad is smaller than a laptop/desktop ... but not small enough to warrant carrying it in your pocket ; other tablets like the 7" Samsung Galaxy tab DO manage this.

So... where does it fit in ? Too big to be a cellphone replacement, and you can't make calls on it as you can with Galaxy Tab.... and too small to efficiently beat laptops at their own game ? Where does it fit in ? Child's toy ?

Apple has some work to do with iPad 2.0.

geek_michael.benn, Jan 25, 10:50 pm

^Sure they do - how many have they sold since launch? Apple could leave it as is and still sell millions.

You make some valid comments but you come across as an andriod fan boy. A balanced comment would be more appropriate to prove your point.

To answer your questions - ipad's iOS main advantage = simplification. There is no malware, no antivirus, no waiting for bootup, 2x the battery life, half the wieght. It's not about what they can and can't do, its about HOW they do it.

geek_audi_s_ate, Jan 26, 6:08 pm

Well rumours say the next iPad will have an SD card slot, and it'll certainly have a RAM bump to match the iPhone.Will be interesting to see what they do with the screen on it as a display with iPhone like pixel density would seem impractical on a low powered device.

The iPad is a good device, and simplification is good to a point but that does not mean it is perfect - its very much a first gen device with room for improvement.The clunkyness of the current iPad camera connection kit/card is evidence of that.

geek_vtecintegra, Jan 26, 6:33 pm

It may lack somethings but was definitely able to change (well redefine) the market. The main key was establishing a price point others could not match... and they did it.

I think it will eventually have the same ???retina??? display as the iPhone, the reasons are clear, it needs a higher resolution and the easiest way to do that (like they did with the iPhone 4) is double it. iOS is already designed for this, and its very easy for the Devs to adopt their apps for it.I am not sure if the next iPad will have the high resolution screen but Apple have done another huge $$ deal to secure something (although they are not telling) just like they did with flash ram

geek_malachiman, Jan 26, 6:42 pm

Yes no doubt that investment will have been in LCDs.Will be interesting to see where it goes.

geek_vtecintegra, Jan 26, 6:49 pm

On another note, Apple has a 24% market share with OSX & iOS in the US now, thanks to iOS devices.

looking forward to the iPad 2, I have been holding out since the first release.

geek_malachiman, Jan 26, 7:05 pm

..you can't play facebook games over the net, there are equivalent IPAd apps to facebook games but not all

geek_trevix2k, Jan 27, 12:44 pm

Simple is all well and good. I'll be honest, I love that the iPad is quick ; the various times I've played with them there has been no noticeable lag and the devices look good - and yeah, no malware, no antivirus, etc etc etc same argument goes for Mac vs Windows.

My main point is that if you're gonna carry an iPad around with you, it's not gonna be in your pocket. In which case, you might as well have something with more functionality, like a netbook/laptop.

For many people it's little more than a fashion statement.

Regardless, I'm not an Android fanboy, I hadn't even heard of android before this year. Only got a Samsung Galaxy S about a month ago. All I have to say.

geek_michael.benn, Jan 27, 10:14 pm