How to make a link to another site using a word

kath6, Jan 24, 6:10am
I'm on one of those free build your own website places (weebly).(There is the option to add your own html if nec).I want to make a link to a webpage but it's url is massive.How can I make the link but by using a word, e.g. please click 'here' where 'here' then takes you to the link?

jancemord, Jan 24, 6:11am
<a href="url">Click Here</a>

kath6, Jan 24, 6:16am
Thanks, that shows me how to make the word.How do I then add the url so the link goes somewhere?

lostdude, Jan 24, 6:21am
replace "url" with the actual URL...

r.g.nixon, Jan 24, 6:21am

kath6, Jan 24, 6:23am
Oh, d'oh.Thanks HEAPS

plumbernick, Jan 24, 8:11am
Have you ever heard of a site called google?

little_egypt, Jan 24, 8:12am
<a href="
uot;>Try searching for your own answers</a>

kath6, Jan 24, 8:34am
Thanks to everyone who answered.Plumbernick and little Egypt Im not sure why you felt the need to contribute smug little comments indicating your great superiority in mastering code.I was working to a tight deadline on something that i have zero experience with.I'm a virgin at website design, a simile that may have some resonnance non?

<a href="http://www.socialsk-"&g-
t;why are all my friends avatars</a>

dunedin_ree, Jan 24, 8:39am

kath6, Jan 24, 8:53am
Maybe I mean metaphor and not simile...

dunedin_ree, Jan 24, 9:15am
Oh, I see.You got offended and was trying to imply that all the computer "geeks" in here are virgins.

Well played.As you can see everyone has been wounded by your cruel words.

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