Can I use My ADSL at another house?

Hey there, I am having trouble with my ADSL connection,

If I take my ADSL Router to another house that has an ADSL connection, will I be able to plug my router in and test that it is connecting? Or are the roadband accounts specific to a particular telephone line? Also my broadband account is with Vodafone (landline) and the likely house I would take it too has a telecom connection, is that likley to matter?

geek_jarc, Jan 25, 1:59 pm

roadband = Broadband

geek_jarc, Jan 25, 2:00 pm

Yes, you won't be able to connect. Has to be the same provider.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jan 25, 2:02 pm


geek_jarc, Jan 25, 2:03 pm

Do you know how to check your router's stats & logs for connection issues?

geek_r.g.nixon, Jan 25, 2:06 pm

Not entirely, I can get to the logs but am not sure how to make sense of them?
I suspect that it is actually the phone line in the house as the router was going ok before I shifted, and I have been given another router to try and it is having problems too. the Linksys will connect for random periods of time and the dlink appears to make a connection and disconnect about 20 second later. Chorus have been in and replaced the line from the pole into the house, but it is still no better...

geek_jarc, Jan 25, 2:10 pm