Advice on storage/print server please.

floydbloke, Jan 26, 3:07am
Looking to build alittle low-cost storage/print server.I??

vtecintegra, Jan 26, 3:14am
I'd look for a proper x86 netbook, preferably one with a broken screen.

Any Atom should do fine and be much more power efficient than a full sized laptop.You could do all you want with XP, otherwise any Linux distro should run fine.

cybertao, Jan 26, 3:39am
I run Debian linux providing Apache+PHP, SAMBA, NFS, DHCP, NTP, Caching DNS, caching SQUID web proxy, CUPS printing, SANE scanning, and Transmission bittorrent client with a web interface.
It runs on a PIII with 256MB of RAM and 500GB hard-drive.

vtecintegra, Jan 26, 3:44am
The trouble is an old PIII is not going to be as energy efficient as an Atom

cybertao, Jan 26, 3:52am
The PIII didn't cost me anything apart from the hard-drive, the power savings on something newer aren't worth spending money for it.The PSU in the small form factor I'm using is only 90w, and the system idles so won't be drawing even that much.

floydbloke, Jan 26, 4:13am
Thanks for the tips.Good to know that a PIII 500 will do what I need it to.A netbook would be ideal though as I expect a a desktop based unit is always going to be that bit noisier.One's on here at the mo are still a bit pricey though, but as VTec suggests, I'll keep my eyes peeled for a busted one for the right $$$.

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