Multifunction Printer

haventrader, Jan 26, 8:11am
I need a multifunction printer. Must do the usual scan, print, copy and fax, and print colour. Ideally A3, but who can afford that? Will be used in a home-office environment. I won't be printing out high quality photos - mostly reports with the occassional colour graph etc. WiFi would be nice to have too. Not too bothered on size or make - but want economical printing. Any suggestions?

stressed568, Jan 26, 8:13am
not brother - for the love of god NOT BROTHER thats all i can say

badcam, Jan 26, 8:22am
I've got three Brother Laser MFC's (all running on Linux) and they've been great. If you put a patch on the cartridges, they run way longer than they are supposed to.

badcam, Jan 26, 8:33am
Mind you. I've only ever used Brother when it comes to laser printers. So, as I was happy with the first purchase I stuck with that brand.

lostdude, Jan 26, 8:40am
Yeah, not sure what stressed568 is on about but Brother are a great brand (in the laser printing industry). Maybe s/he's only experienced their inkjets (which are crap).

Anyway, OP go to this site:

Locate the printers category and then use the filters to add/remove any features you wish.

paora-tm, Jan 26, 8:43am
Is that official?A friend was threatening to drop his current printer from a great height and replace it with a Brother.

little_egypt, Jan 26, 8:47am
In my experience ALL inkjets are crap, although some brands are certainly worse than others.

Laser printers are far more reliable and I don't think there's any brands to particularly avoid as far as reliability. Just make sure you can get replacement cartridges at a reasonable price before you choose, some of them are insanely expensive.

psy-trading, Jan 26, 10:03am
My Canon Pixma MP800 (inkjet) serves me well - being able to print on dvds is particularly useful to me. My friend has a Canon Pixma MP630 and I have to admit it is very much inferior to mine - crappy little EXPENSIVE ink cartridges being the worst thing about it.

little_egypt, Jan 26, 10:05am
I don't think there's any laser printers that can print directly to a CD yet ;)

gyrogearloose, Jan 26, 10:09am
Strictly speaking, the lightscribe printers...

little_egypt, Jan 26, 10:18am
I suppose that counts...

rgtrading, Jan 26, 7:14pm least to the DCP series (although they don't do fax) My one got clogged heads after only a couple of months on the original cartridges and the head cleaning feature made it worse. Only then did I look at online review and discovered they are notoriously crap. I suggest you google reviews and problems before you buy, bearing in mind a lot of reviews are posted by manufacturers and retailers.

fordcrzy, Jan 26, 8:47pm
we have an epson tx 550w which is great and cheap on consumables unlike most of the others.

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