Best nz site for replacing laptop battery?

goph, Jan 26, 10:07pm
Looking to replace a toshiba PA3399U-2BAS battery.

I've looked at which has poor reseller ratings and which also has the battery replacement but no customer ratings turning up from a brief google search.

Any recommendations?Cheers.

simonfphotos, Jan 26, 10:50pm
I have used laptopbattery co and the service was great. They were very helpful.

wpcnz, Jan 27, 12:54am
Bought a charger from LaptopUniverse without any issues... Not sure what they have in the way of batteries

This was to replace one that I bought from vpindbatteries that I had many issues with.. They still owe me a refund for a faulty charger that I sent back, and are now ignoring all of my emails

gb, Jan 28, 11:13pm
Two Acer 5520 batteries from RayTechNZ. First only held charge for one hour (not as good as battery I was replacing) returned at my expense and Trader replaced but second battery no better than first:-(

timandmegan109, Jan 29, 2:27am is the best place to try, I have found them to have batteries for most laptops!

radioxiaojian, Feb 11, 12:32am
Listing #: 353756344is the battery you are looking for.

d.snell, Feb 11, 2:10am
I'd be a bit aware of 3rd party batteries. You get what you pay for.

guest, Aug 5, 12:44am
Do not use global battery, ever. Took me 4 months to get my laptop battery refunded when it didn't work. Communication is slow and they messed me around. Worst service I've ever had.

guest_battery, Aug 10, 1:41am is a retailer and wholesaler of all types of notebook batteries and laptop battery. We are working hard to make your online shopping experience easy, fast, convenient and Safe. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction, Please let us know what you think

guest_battery1, Aug 10, 1:42am Over 6000 replacement batteries AND 140 notebook manufacturers

http://www.lapto, Mar 7, 12:59pm is specialize in selling laptop batteries in NZ.we offer high quality laptop batteries
Best nz site for replacing laptop battery
Right battery, Right price. All seems right with the world on this one

guest, Apr 14, 1:51am
I have used and the service was great.I have found them to have batteries for most laptops!

guestspayware, Apr 16, 11:17am
just put the battery in a stop complaining please. I am sick to death of your smug shit, just sort it ok? got it? thanks and regards spayware

guest, Jun 13, 2:36am is a best choice, you can have a try

frustrated, Dec 21, 8:50pm
DON'T TOUCH GLOBAL-BATTERY.CO.NZ. They sound all good - 3 year warranty, etc. I bought a battery for my Compaq CQ-62. The original battery was 10.8V and the Global-Battery one 11.1V. It has caused nothing but problems with the PC not starting when fully charged, crashes, lost data and a range of other PC problems. OK when the battery has lost a bit of power, i.e. no mains for a few hours. Global -Battery said they would fix it but after numberous emails they wouldn't tell me a place to return the battery and now won't even respond to emails. So WARNING. These guys seem to be a Chinese based rip off with faulty product. I thought they were NZ because the website was

guest, Jan 27, 12:18am
don't go near if you can help it

guest, Apr 7, 7:05am (notebookbatteries)

Don't buy from this crowd, took 3 weeks to arrive and different to what was shown on the site and I thought I bought.

guest, Jul 31, 4:11am
Don't go near Its run by a guy called daniel Suter/Daniel Garty. He had a company called laptopuniverse in Aldwins Road which was a greta place to shop for ex-lease and refurbished laptops. He ripped off his business partner and most of his staff and he sells dodgy batteries and adapters that aren't approved fro sale in NZ. Buyer beware

guest, Dec 16, 8:49pm
Agree do not do business with, they will not answer emails and their phone number goes unanswered. Goods may or may not arrive and the claims they make on their website are false.

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