Acer smart phones?

Hey been offered an acer be touch e130 for 180 pingers? does anyone know if its worth getting for that price?

geek_gilligan2, Jan 27, 1:41 pm

Check the prices on TM.

geek_nobles, Jan 27, 3:50 pm

Jidgin by the first word $1.80 would be about right - acer

geek_rgtrading, Jan 27, 3:53 pm

I paid $169. Very poor battery life.
Screen does not auto rotate, which is disappointing. Fiddly to operate, and having to use a stylus is a pain.

geek_wardz4, Jan 27, 5:35 pm

Sounds dated... I didnt think any smart phones used Stylus anymore... so last decade lol

geek_malachiman, Jan 27, 6:43 pm

If their smart phones are anything like their laptops, I wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole.

geek_michael.benn, Jan 27, 10:09 pm

The be touch range from acer are crap.

However the Acer Liquid is fantastic.

geek_flick13, Jan 27, 10:36 pm