Power adapter needed - dlink router

Need a 5v/2a power adapter. Anyone got one they'd part with?

geek_joys_teddy, Jan 27, 6:47 pm

For FREE you mean??

geek_spyware, Jan 27, 7:37 pm

Nope. Prepared to pay

geek_joys_teddy, Jan 27, 7:40 pm

Are you sure it's 5v? all the dlink routers here run on 12v AC

geek_little_egypt, Jan 27, 7:56 pm

Its a DI-524. Says on the bottom 5v/2a
I've got a 12v/2a here, but don't wanna run that much through it :)

geek_joys_teddy, Jan 27, 8:19 pm

Is it ac (???) or dc (???)

geek_little_egypt, Jan 27, 8:37 pm

OP, I have found these hard to come by and can't offer you one, I need the two I have acquired, but I can suggest trying your local recycling centre at the tip assuming you have one out your way and they still accept computer equipment. Until a few months ago the Wellington tip recycling centre took routers/modems and all manner of other computer equipment and were my usual haunt when hunting down ac adaptors at cheap prices ($2-3 usually). Now that they aren't taking computer equipment anymore its slim pickings these days. HTH

geek_zaowl, Jan 27, 9:19 pm

they sell them in jaycar here in Ham

geek_carolev, Jan 27, 9:42 pm

You wouldn't happen to know the jaycar reference?

geek_joys_teddy, Jan 28, 3:29 pm

put .co.nz on the end of it and see where it takes you.

geek_babcorp, Jan 28, 3:32 pm

Jaycar ref is MP3480, using one of these on a Dlink switch at the moment.

geek_drsr, Jan 29, 3:19 pm