Gps software advice please

catsmeat1, Jan 27, 8:59pm
Have just bought a garmin 62s, would like to view the maps on my pc.I thought there would be some software with the gun city topo maps we bought - appears not - just an gmapsupp.img file which I cannot read.Garmin website talks about mapsource software but when I downloaded this it was an update only.
Anyone got any idea where I can get some software to read the maps?

r.g.nixon, Jan 27, 10:11pm
There used to be a way to get Mapsource for free - I'll see if I can find it.

MapEdit++ will open .img files.

r.g.nixon, Jan 27, 10:13pm
Here you go - from 2008. - let me know if this method still works.

catsmeat1, Jan 28, 9:09pm
Thanks for the reply.I played about with that page, managed to get some software from garmin, but then it said it did not recognise by gps!!Anyway found out the guts of it is I do not get mapsource as I did not buy any garmin maps, I need basecamp, so I'm now downloading that.Cheers

catsmeat1, Jan 28, 9:54pm
Ah ha while waiting for basecamp to load I found a page on how to activate mapsource, so have got that up and running.Now to go through the learning curve or how to work it!!!

r.g.nixon, Jan 28, 10:11pm
You can get more detailed NZ maps for MapSource from

vampire10, Jan 29, 6:44am
Hi download basecamp once you download thatget a usb stick about 2 gig or more, then copy the gmapsupp.img to a director on the usb stick and name that director Garmin then copy the gmapsupp.img to that directory and basecamp will load that file up and you can see the topo files. you can download mapsource thru torrent it should be in an ISO file extract that and read the readme file included to install it. if you do get mapsource just install the topo install program and mapsource will read it.

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