I need a printer that.....................-..

jsbike, Jan 27, 9:15pm
has individual ink tanks that are able to be refilled (unless refills are fairly priced), and will still print black and white even if one or more of the colour tanks is empty (and will print colour if b&w is empty).

Im sick of my printer/scanner/copier that wont do anything (even scan) if one of the tanks thinks its empty, even when the tanks are not quite empty!

Any suggesetions on make and model? a printer/scanner/copier in one would be good but I wont rule out a stand alone printer.

vtecintegra, Jan 27, 11:04pm
My HP C5380 does what you want but replacement cartridges are expensive.

Also with refilled carts it says they're empty as soon as you put them in, this doesn't affect print quality but does flash up an annoying warning on the PC and the printers screen.

gsimpson, Jan 27, 11:07pm
We have a Brother MFC 990CW. Has separate tanks.
Also works completely wireless on our network, including scanning.
Brother also supports Linux, as well as Windows and Mac.
Adding CISS is simple too as the tanks stay put. Our last printer was an HP which worked well and economically with the CISS was much more fiddly to set up due to the tanks moving with the print-head.

badcam, Jan 28, 12:24am
Are you sure the Brother will print in B&W if one of the Colour ones is empty. I'm pretty sure my last MFC inkjet refused to, even though there was plenty of black ink.

gsimpson, Jan 28, 1:52am
Ichanged a colour cartridge last week. It was still printing minus one colour with an alert up. Anyway, have CISS ordered as simple to install on Brother and worked fine on HP.
You shouldn't let the ink run out for a period of time as the ink head will dry out and may never work again.

strobo, Jan 28, 5:11pm
canon printer MG5150with scanner or the earlier canon

lythande1, Jan 28, 6:59pm
Printers don't print "black and white". You ever bought a white cartridge?? They print black.
Chipped cartridges aren't much good as if refilled it will still think it's empty.
Most printers though, allow you to change the preferences to print Black only. So if colour is empty, do that and you can still print black, even photos - they'll come out black/grey etc.
And take a look at prices - AND how many pages you get out of a cartridge first. I won't buy any printer that does less than 1000 pages per black cartridge.

russ18, Jan 28, 9:00pm
I found it better to just have 2 printers - a colour and a mono laser.

little_egypt, Jan 28, 9:08pm
I just have a mono laser. Was given to me because it's really old and has a slight fault. When it runs out of toner I'll probably just dump it and bludge another one.

jsbike, Jan 28, 10:48pm
no need to be a smart ass.

coolnzmum, Jan 28, 10:52pm
Get a brother and install a CISS easy as with brother printers and you can just fill the tanks as you need to.Just replaced my old brother with a new one and installed a CISS yesterday.Ink for CISS is way cheaper than new cartridges all the time.

drcspy, Jan 28, 10:53pm
I just fill the carts on my brother printer myself takes about 2 minutes each ........very simple and I use ciss ink .....super cheap

jsbike, Jan 28, 10:54pm
from the sounds the ciss thing is the way to go with a brother printer

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