Movie camera advice please?

blondini13, Jan 29, 8:57am
My partner wants to buy a video camera to take family home movies etc. We would want to easily be able to copy them from pc to dvd to play in our dvd player and send them to family overseas.

Would you recommend one of those flip mino things or a bigger hdd camera, sorry I dont know much about them. ease of use is imperative. TIA

craigsmith, Jan 29, 9:24am
DVD is not HD so if you only care about making DVDs an HD camera is pretty pointless.

Having said that, they almost all are HD these days, hard to find a decent camera that shoots SD PAL.

The mini things are pretty shit. You get what you pay for.

blondini13, Jan 29, 10:02am
I meant hard disk drive not high def. Or should I just get one with a big ass dvd slot?

morrisman1, Jan 29, 10:11am
Tape based cameras are better quality but are a pain to transfer the video to a computer. A hard drive (or flash memory) based recorder will probably be good enough so long as you don't go al-cheapo. Yes even though you don't need HD for dvd starting off with a HD video will end in better results on the dvd. A good microphone is a must, it is something easily overlooked.

morrisman1, Jan 29, 10:12am
dont get a dvd one, expensive media and you will more than likely need to edit it before burning to dvd anyway, at least if you want a good end product.

I think in this day and age you would be silly not getting one that shoots in 1080i

chevyxman, Jan 29, 10:26am
I would stay away from those mino flip cameras or any flip camcorder.They are cheap for a reason. Go for a brand camcorder, you will get better picture because they have bigger sensor and lens. And Generally speaking, the smaller the camcorder, the worst the picture quality.I would go for Panasonic camcorders or Sony or Canon, and stay away from JVC and they would be around $500+.But then again if youre looking at a $150 flip camera, then go for it.

blondini13, Jan 29, 10:51am
I would prefer to spend the extra $$ and go for something highly recommended than something cheap. I will be the one ultimately doing the work in transferring etc. So is there a camera that records to a hard disk drive then can be plugged into a pc and copied to a dvd just like a digital camera? If so is there something you can recommend brand and model wise?

r.g.nixon, Jan 29, 10:53am
DVD format only has 576 lines of resolution. Make sure that you keep the original 720 or 1080 lines version as a computer file.

blondini13, Jan 29, 11:21am
Unfortunately that means nothing to me sorry r.g.!

If I am an amateur (which I am ) which brand/model should I go for, for ease of use and quality... TIA

chevyxman, Jan 29, 11:38am
Well if you want convenience and easy to use entry level camera, then go for a Panasonic SDR-S50, you can pick a new one up for less than $400 on Trademe brand new, and it records to SD card, thats really convenient, and you get panasonic trusted quality.

blondini13, Jan 31, 7:44am
Do you sell these chevy?

stardesta, Jan 31, 8:29am
In all honesty, the camera I would recommend is the Kodak Zi8 Pocket HD Camera.I own 4 video cameras.My most expensive camera is the Sony FX7ie HD Camera, the other 2 are mini dv cameras, and my final camera is the Kodak Zi8.Youtube Kodak Zi8 it is the best HD pocket Cam... and it destroys the Flip Mino.Good luck

stardesta, Jan 31, 8:30am
And forgot to add that the kodak costs around $280.Can record up to 10 hours with a large SD card.You can plug it straight to your computer

blondini13, Jan 31, 8:31am
Sunds good, thanks star...

sinbad22, Jan 31, 8:57am
morrisman1 wrote:
Tape based cameras are better quality .

Really!! tell that to peter jacksonand his studio full of "RED 1s"
Most Tape based cameras (pro and consumer) use ccd sensors while the new wave of digital cinema cameras now use a form of cmos sensors hence better results. Huge quality can be found in consumer cameras such as dslrs from canon nikon ect that not only give you unmatched video quality but the best of both worlds with stills also.

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