Brother HL-2140 printer driver installation

janne5, Jan 30, 3:46am
Am trying to set-up new printer, and driver installation is stalled on apparent 50% while "Brother HL-2140 is configuring your new software installation" for an indefinite length of time (15 minutes no action). Might I have done something silly, or might my computer protection need changing to allow the installation to proceed?

drcspy, Jan 30, 3:49am
can be bloody slow installing brother in particular.......depends a bit on the pc.........DON'T plug in the printer to the pc thru the usb cable till the install process tells you to......

d.snell, Jan 30, 3:59am
Check for a box in the background, something need confirming..

ettenyl, Jan 30, 4:04am
good idea i've had that, minimize each window and sometimes one shows up needing you to click something

d.snell, Jan 30, 4:07am
Especially with win7, they hide them on the taskbar..

janne5, Jan 30, 4:47am
Thanks guys. Have restarted installation; USB not connected, Windows XP Home, no responses being sought by the installation -yet.

janne5, Jan 30, 5:21am
Have succeeded in printer driver installation and printer now working properly. They key seems to have been patience - 30 minutes almost exactly. I have not used this message facility before - it works really well- thanks to you guys (girls?) I am a bloke in spite of my silly name!

drcspy, Jan 30, 5:22am
yep from memory hp printers and brother can be a pain in the ass to install

also clik startbutton/run then type in msconfig and tap enter goto the 'startup ' tab and UNtick all the rubbish that printer install will have put in there ...........updates etc.....

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