New PC recommendations

linzis, Jan 31, 2:07am
Not about to buy a MAC though...
Have a husband with Neuro issues, so need to keep it to what he already knows.
Currently have a 4yo Compaq Presario SR1600AN
AMD Sempron processor 1.8GHZ
80GB HD (currently at 55GB used)
2GB RAM ( I upgraded from 256MB)
CD/DVD writer
Windows XP Home (use Firefox)

Family PC , apart from email - Skype, Youtube, FB/Bebo, downloading music/videos, kids playing games, storing photos, Word/Excel/Powerpoint etc

simonfphotos, Jan 31, 2:09am
Do you want a desktop or a laptop?
You could keep this one for the kids!!

linzis, Jan 31, 2:12am
Desktop probably and Yes will maybe keep this for kids.

drcspy, Jan 31, 2:13am
so aside from the possibility that the current machine wont run games the kids might want to play why do you need a new one ?

drcspy, Jan 31, 2:14am
it's not too bad a machine......yes theres much better available and relatively cheaply.......but what doesn't it do that you want it to do ?

linzis, Jan 31, 2:16am
HD running out of room... could buy an external?
Windows 7 compared to XP
Has MS 2003... DS is starting college and would rather a newer version
plus broken USB port
plus going rather slow between programmes when you maybe have 3 or 4 running at same time

drcspy, Jan 31, 2:44am
fair enuf.......

drcspy, Jan 31, 2:44am
be aware that when/if you buy a new comp you'll need to PAY for ms office it usually only comes as a trial version.........

fordcrzy, Jan 31, 3:01am
id get a intel core I3 with a gigabyte H55 motherboard and 4 gigs of ram. team it with a fast 7200 rpm samsung spinpoint F3 1 Tb hard drive, and decent power supply ( i like the silverstone st50EF) if you need more gaming power then add a graphics card.
hook it all up with Win 7 and your cooking.

drcspy, Jan 31, 3:25am
it's VERY likely that you wouldn't have too much trouble with drivers should you install win7 on that pc but i WOULD NOT reccomend it anyway.........just get a new pc......

350390446 isnt too bad but I ALWAYS reccomend (and use) Asus motherboards tho I'm well aware that gigabyte are also quality

fordcrzy, Jan 31, 3:36am
i have almost the exact setup for my mums pc and to get win7 working it required a new sound card and will need a GFX card to play any kind of video. (even AVI's)

i'd bite the bullet and upgrade if you have the available cash.going for the new intel or AMD systems at around $600-700 will see you right for a long time.

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