System restore help please

goldilocks11, Feb 1, 7:48am
My dell computer's system restore will only work in safe mode. Can you help?? Each time I try it the screens says it cant restore it to an earlier time.

hapukanz, Feb 1, 7:57am
I had this on a computer last year. It is either a virus or malware.

Best run some AV antimalware software through the computer and see if that helps.

If did for me

goldilocks11, Feb 1, 7:59am
Thanks I tried that but no change.

hapukanz, Feb 1, 8:02am
I take it you have SYSTEM RESTORE turned on???

goldilocks11, Feb 1, 8:09am
Yes I do

hapukanz, Feb 1, 8:13am
so are the previous RESTORE dates available or are they greyed out??

goldilocks11, Feb 1, 8:15am
They are available

goldilocks11, Feb 1, 8:16am
Woeks fine in safe mode

hapukanz, Feb 1, 8:24am
so have you actually restored to a previous date?

hapukanz, Feb 1, 8:26am
You running XP??

hapukanz, Feb 1, 8:27am

goldilocks11, Feb 1, 6:50pm
I am running XP Pro and I have managed to restore to an earlier date through safe mode.

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