Acer PC: Model Veriton L460 CD drive kapputt

julie375, Feb 2, 8:15am
I have had 2 techs out to attempt to replace my faulty CD drive. I figure I can get one way cheaper than $550.00. Can anyone help?

froggyb, Feb 2, 9:34am
what do you mean attempt to replace , you mean that each company would charge you $550 in replace and install it ??

drcspy, Feb 2, 4:21pm
did it cost you $550 for two attempts to replace your cd drive ?.......that's insane you coulda bought a whole new 'box' for that.........

a cd drive (well dvd/cd writer) is worth about $50 and it's a 10 minute job to replace it.....

please give a bit more detail to your story.....

why did you have TWO techs 'attempt' to replace your 'faulty' cd drive.

did either 'tech' actually replace it ?

what did it cost you ?

does it still not work ?

julie375, Feb 2, 6:50pm
The first tech removed the faulty drive and then the replacement he had wasnt compatible, so he said. He suggested I buy an external one. After 3 visits to my house I gave up on him.

The 2nd tech said he could replace the faulty drive at a minimun cost of $500-$550.
He also informed me that the 1st tech had removed my drive and taken it with him.
I am in the proceeds of trying to get it back.
I would like to replace the faulty drive, but dont know where to locate one and also find someone to install it who wont charge so much. Any help will be appreciated.

drcspy, Feb 2, 7:23pm
half this doesn't make sense.......ok the 1st tech's replacement drive wasn't compatible for some reason ?... He should have been able to tell you that at a glance LITERALLY......when he'd opened the computer.If your computer for instance had IDE connections to the drive and his replacement was a SATA drive then he wouldn't have had to do more than LOOK for about ONE second to say ......oh bugger I need to get an IDE drive .........

why did he visit three times........this is insane

the 2nd tech told you he could replace the cd drive for a "minimum of $500-550"......thats absolutely ridiculous........daylight robbery........

and the 2nd tech 'informed you that the 1st tech had taken your drive'

this HAS to be a windup the hell would you NOT notice yoru drive goin missing..............


stevel_knievel, Feb 2, 7:59pm
It's a slot drive. With the cover on you wouldn't notice it missing

Compatability's more than just IDE/SATA, size, shape and slot position need to be taken into consideration.

I'd start by ringing Dove (03)3384722 and getting a price for an Acer original drive.

$550 is just crazy.

drcspy, Feb 2, 8:05pm
the only other 'compatibility' issue I could imagine would be size of the drive (some are shorter than others).......unless it's a 'slimtype' drive........still cant comprehend how someone wouldn't notice it missing tho

morticia, Feb 2, 8:07pm
Why are they coming to your house? You take it to a reputable tech, he fixes it, you pick it up and take it home. Bugger paying call out fees for no reason.

julie375, Feb 2, 8:15pm
I work from home, so it is easier for them to come to me. I think the first tech is new to the game, hence the 3 visits.

The 2nd tech is just highway robbery.

Thanks for the advice, I will phone Dove as you have suggested. Cheers

nobles, Feb 3, 1:13am
The 2nd tech is just highway robbery.

No, it is theft.

Call him back & ask for a detailed, written quote.

intrade, Feb 3, 1:28am
acer is a pile of crap my dads one from dicksmiss had a faulty drive as per yours they fixed it 3 week later it was fully dead new mainsboard. fixed again under warranty again and then 2 more month after its dead all over again ......the crap will just keep braking so dont waste 1 cent on repairs on acer crap....

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