Microsoft access

bigshopper1, Feb 4, 7:41pm
does anyone no where I can download the microsoft access programme?

directorylist, Feb 4, 7:56pm
Legally you cant.

Illegally try google.

bigshopper1, Feb 4, 8:02pm
Yip I have looked on there, but with so many websites to pick from I was unsure which one to choose. are they all ok?

r.g.nixon, Feb 4, 8:14pm

dougstringer, Feb 4, 8:28pm
You are trying to download a product that you should buy. None of the websites that let you download it for free are "OK". Chances of getting malware/virus's is very high.

michellew2k, Feb 4, 8:50pm has legit office 2010 for under $100

drcspy, Feb 4, 10:06pm
do you NEED access ?......or just a database program ?.......or even one which is compatible to access ?.......get open office (free)

vtecintegra, Feb 4, 10:07pm
The database component of Open Office is pretty much rubbish, by far the weakest part of the suite

bigshopper1, Feb 4, 11:08pm
can anyone tell me the difference between working with excel and access, this is for a computor course

drcspy, Feb 4, 11:25pm
excel is a spreadsheet program
access is a database program

nicky21, Feb 4, 11:46pm
If it is for a computer course it may pay to check with them first before buying anything. You may find you can purchase it through them at a discounted rate.

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