Acer desktop....Help please.

I have an Acer desktop pc, just over 1 year old.

In the cyclone here we had a power surge and now the computer won't go.When it's plugged in, no lights or fan noise.Could it be the power supply by itself or more likely the power supply and the motherboard?

It did have a surge protector on it, although that doesn't seem to have done much.

Any hints would be appreciated, thanks :)

geek_lost-in-oz, Feb 5, 7:34 pm

Power supply have you tried leaving it unplugged.

geek_johnf_456, Feb 5, 7:36 pm

Even bet either way, I'd guess. You could've fried any number of internal components.

PS is pretty straight-forward to replace/test, although you'd want to leave it well alone until your insurance claim is sorted.

geek_dunedin_ree, Feb 5, 7:38 pm

You can test the PSU by shorting two specific pins - google is your friend.

geek_r.g.nixon, Feb 5, 7:52 pm

Place on Charter towers road may be able to help. Lap top repair place. Did ya finish garden work? Hot day!!!

geek_dkpop, Feb 5, 8:08 pm

Hey you!

No, we didn't finish aye.The neighbour came over with his BIG chainsaw, but it still wasn't big enough to cut that damn trunk up! And it was too dangerous to get those hanging branches out of that tree.Going to have to wait for SES or insurance guys I think.

We were hot and knackered, so left the piles I'draked up for another day.

thank you guys so much for coming over and was much appreciated!

Those green ants need a bomb!Am covered in bites!damn things.

geek_lost-in-oz, Feb 5, 11:38 pm