Why wont my tv pick up my usb device? (sony)

bananabear, Feb 6, 1:20am
my sony tv wont pick up my external harddrive is there a setting I need to change?

dunedin_ree, Feb 6, 1:21am
Check the TV manual. It might need to be formatted in a specific way (eg FAT vs NTFS).

directorylist, Feb 6, 1:25am
Yeah is probably something format related.

Panasonics i know only support FAT32, samsung and LG supportboth FAT32 and NTFS.

I dont know about Sony

bananabear, Feb 6, 1:26am
have checked the manual and they refer to the sony website and they state all the sony usb devices that are compatible but my external hardrive isnt a sony 1 im a novice in this sorta stuff so dont really know what im doing lol

ross1970, Feb 6, 1:27am
TV model?

bananabear, Feb 6, 1:32am
sony bravia model no.kDL-40E400

directorylist, Feb 6, 1:32am
Quick search of the interwebs seems to indicate that sony dont support NTFS, with a model number it could be confirmed.

No Highdef off the USB for you :(

bananabear, Feb 6, 1:37am
oh damn but a friends external harddrive worked?

directorylist, Feb 6, 1:39am
Yeah it was probably formatted with FAT32, which is fine but you cant have files over 4GB (i.e. any 720p or above movie)

I just found the software upgrade instructions

Step 3 Format a compatible USB storage device the FAT32 file system and connect it to your computer.

So it would appear it only supports FAT32

dunedin_ree, Feb 6, 1:40am
Probably because it was formatted in FAT32.

You need to check what format the drive is, and re-format it.This involves wiping all the data off it.

ross1970, Feb 6, 1:40am
yeah well if it doesn't support ntfs then your mates hd was formated differently..fat32 ??

directorylist, Feb 6, 1:40am

bananabear, Feb 6, 1:42am
but should the tv pick up that there is a device plugged in its not picking up that its plugged into the tv

directorylist, Feb 6, 1:43am
I recently got a new screen to replace my series 6 Samsung that died. I tossed up between a 37" LG and a 42" Panasonic for around the same price.I went with the LG because of better media support and it reads NTFS partitions.

directorylist, Feb 6, 1:44am
Depends on the TV, the Pana i tried said "USB detected" but when you tried read it, it said there was no USB connected.

Easiest way would be if you have a small USB key that you're not using, format it fat32 and try it.

bananabear, Feb 6, 1:46am
THANKS everyone gotta head off to work will give it a go :)

vtecintegra, Feb 6, 4:28am
The player built into Sony TVs is useless anyway, I don't think I've found a single file that will play on it without needing conversion

guest, Feb 7, 9:52pm
I have a similar problem.. kind of. I have a Toshiba regza and just last week i was watching movies on it through my USB port. Today, NOTHING!!!!! Once i get into the Media Player > Movies... the screen goes black and the loading symbol comes up... then nothing... I haven't changed anything and the movies are the same. What's going ooonnnn!!!!!!

dripper, Mar 1, 6:56pm
I'm having the same issue which is why i came here.My LG flat screen could play any short clip files/movies just fine and read any file off my usb.I took that tv back cause i needed money.I bought a new tv few weeks ago,sanyo is the brand name,but it won't play or read any short clip movies files or any movies saved on my usb at all! LG did,but sanyo won't.I'm taking it i had to convert over to a diff format such as fat32 or NTFS or something? if so,how?

I'm in school for computers but i aint no bill gates either.Should i reformat my usb drive to a diff format? any ideas anyone?

cathyrow, Apr 10, 7:35am
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