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mmmail, Feb 6, 3:42am
Some thoughts please - and appreciated.

Do you folks cop much of this stuff?For the last month or so, seems everyday i'm under attack.I now run:
AVG (Free)
Malwarebytes Anti-Maleware (Free)
MS Security Essentials
Use to run that "Zilla" (The one with dino) anti-spyware - but seemed to slow my system up alot.
Have done an external scan from MS Security of my system
Have also TDSS Killer

Just when I think all is well and I've got them all - another pops ups - what do you think is happening here pls?Is there anything I can download that is REALLY DEADLY to such infections - including those buggers that hide well? - cause I suspect I've got some sort of stealthy one hiding in my system!

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

Ps. have also done a couple of "safe mode" starts and run the M'warebytes program - nothing found!

ettenyl, Feb 6, 3:47am
for a start, you don't want to be running avg and mse at the same time, choose and remove one of them(if it was me it would be AVG) but that's just personal opinion

little_egypt, Feb 6, 3:48am
Stop using Internet Exploder

Stop using farcebook.

mmmail, Feb 6, 3:55am
I don't use facebook or twitter

Not sure if either suggestion really addresses my issue, but thanks anyway!

hakatere1, Feb 6, 4:00am
The above suggestion is important and goes a long way to addressing your problem.

ettenyl, Feb 6, 4:00am
you're not sure if any suggestions address your issue,
YES! they do

little_egypt, Feb 6, 4:03am
MSIE has MASSIVE security problems right now. What's a better browser? Just about anything... there is no worse browser.

I'd suggest firefox. Or you might like Google Chrome.

ettenyl, Feb 6, 4:07am
true what you say, but, the OP s talking about having MSE(microdick security essentials) and AVG running at the same time

little_egypt, Feb 6, 4:10am
Yes, that's also a big problem.

BTW what's the general opinion on MSE around here? I've been installing it everywhere because it's nice and unobtrusive and hopefully won't expire after 12 months.. but if it does a crap job picking up malware then I might go back to Panda Cloud instead.

ettenyl, Feb 6, 4:15am
i find it to worsk ok, the only advantage it has is, it receives updated definitions before anything else, that windows knows about, but then, windows is not the first to know about things, and certainly, the slowest to re-act

mmmail, Feb 6, 4:43am
Pls forgive my ignorance - but WHY is bad to run both AVG and MSSE on the one computer?

ettenyl, Feb 6, 4:45am
basically, each one will block updated definitions for the other

ettenyl, Feb 6, 4:46am
may as well have none

drcspy, Feb 6, 4:54am
you should NEVER run two antivirus solutions at the same time on the computer

mmmail, Feb 6, 5:02am
OK thank you - have removed MSSE (AVG only now)
Also still have Malewarebytes and TDSSKiller - presume these are OK to stay???
Tks again

ettenyl, Feb 6, 5:07am
cool, now dload Ccleaner..update..and run in reg check mode

d.snell, Feb 6, 5:18am
I actually think you probably removed the wrong AV program. I have found msise very good. It also killed off the bubnik rootkitor whatever it was called. Whereas malwarebytes found it a then it reinfected after a reboot..

ettenyl, Feb 6, 5:22am
I agree, but i gave the OP the choice before and he/she made their decision.

ettenyl, Feb 6, 6:24am
wouldn't it be nice if you knew your advice/suggestions actually did any good?

mmmail, Feb 6, 1:33pm
I still keep getting a message from AVG saying it has found two infected files - I click "remove unhealed" (the only option I get) and it then tells me the file may not exist - any thoughts what's happening here pls?

Also re my choice to stay with AVG - I've overall found AVG to be good for a number of years - if the general feeling is MSSE is better, it's easy enough to reverse my decision.Whilst no doubt you gentlemen know more than me, it seems for everyone who favours "brand A" there's someone backing "brand B"...

mmmail, Feb 6, 2:31pm
Re my post above - it actually says it "does not exist or is inaccessable" - thoughts appreciated, with thanks.

missrat, Feb 6, 3:07pm
I had AVG for years also.But you may find these days it is preferable to run MSSE instead as advised. When AVG bought out their2011 update ( last year) I started having problems.Now use Malwarebytes & MS only.

bmwnz, Feb 6, 8:45pm
Exactly my experience. As of yesterday I too am in the MSSE + MBAB camp.

goldie5, Feb 6, 9:20pm
I Use MSE and Malwarebytes and have not had any problems. I also scan with CCleaner on a daily basis and maybe once a month I run HijackThis to see if there are any hidden Nasties lurking in my sytem.

hairydog2, Feb 7, 1:17am
Malewarebytes no problem if you remove teeth.

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