Can't use Firefox to download WinXP SP3?

jaja6, Feb 6, 8:35am
Anyone aware of this? I failed a few times and finally saw the small print: SP3 best downloaded by IE5 or higher. I should also share my experience: I wanted to install, supposed to be a free, simple program for photo editing. But it requires WinXP SP3 when I only have SP2 installed.

jaja6, Feb 6, 8:38am
I have also downloaded IE8 but still trying to install it after failed twice.

dunedin_ree, Feb 6, 8:38am
Nope, I just started downloading it using Safari.On a Mac.

dunedin_ree, Feb 6, 8:38am
If you have Windows you'll already have IE somewhere.

wombatunder, Feb 6, 8:46am
I *think* what you are encountering is the option on the MS download site that simply downloads an applet in Microsoft jscript to your desktop, which you click on to have the service pack installed directly to your machine from the remote server.Jscript (a Microsoft corruption of javascript) only runs in IE.

Google for the filename of the actual service pack
- it will come up on one of the MS download site links - and SAVE it to your Downloads folder.It weight about 324 MB so it won't be a 15-second download like that applet.
(edited to remove gormless wrapping!)
(edited again to admit defeat about gormless wrapping..)

wombatunder, Feb 6, 8:48am
Ach.There is no hyphen in the 'ENU' sequence.Trademe, d'ya hear me?

jaja6, Feb 6, 9:36am
Thanks, wombat. I give it another go.

jaja6, Feb 6, 9:42am
That version is for IT Professionals and Developers only?

jaja6, Feb 6, 9:55am
To use this site ( .)
You must be using IE5 or higher:

kevymtnz, Feb 6, 12:09pm
i wouldnt go near SP3 or IE for any programme

little_egypt, Feb 6, 8:04pm
It's the same update just not wrapped in moronproof activex that tells you if you already have sp3 and don't need to download it..

mrfxit, Feb 7, 12:58am
BaH Humbug to MS as well
Heres all you can eat ....

little_egypt, Feb 7, 1:02am
You can download any of the SP's with Firefox, just get the full update for network admins not the activex-wrapped stub-installer for home users.. I downloaded XP SP2 and SP3 fairly recently and Vista SP1 and SP2 a few days ago all using Firefox on Debian. No problems from Microsoft...

mrfxit, Feb 7, 3:55am
Nothing wrong with that website.
A lot of ppl use it for software thats either hard /confusing to get or not available through MS because of not being supported any more.

Same for sites like ...

All very well proven reliable & safe alternative sites

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